WordPress’ design interface can be easy to use, but some may not know how to customize themes, fonts, colors, and more. That’s where we come in. We can help you build a custom design for WordPress so that you can focus on your business.

WordPress ’rise to being the most popular Content Management System around didn’t simply happen overnight. The platform has witnessed numerous updates and developments through its years of existence. While you may have read that you can design a WordPress website yourself, you can’t have a full appreciation of the complexities until you start. You would definitely need an expert with full knowledge of the platform if you are to maximize the myriad of possibilities WordPress offers. You’ll be getting just that with us. Our expert designers have designed websites for thousands of businesses over the world. We know what works best for different niches and we can help tailor your website design to fit the needs of your niche.

Custom WordPress website for your business

The stiff competition in virtually all niches makes it difficult to break in. But with the right tools at your disposal, it is not an impossible task. Our custom WordPress developers bring their experience and creativity to the table to give you something unique. You do not need to have a clear idea of what you want. Simply share the pieces with us and even you would be amazed at what we are capable of. We do not make use of templates because the chances that someone, somewhere has employed the same are quite high. We listen keenly to your ideas and merge it with our knowledge and experience about the demands of your niche. From these, we start from the scratch and produce a unique, custom-built WordPress Website that is tailored to suit your business needs.

B2B Website design

If you think WordPress is still the simple blogging platform that came around at the turn of the millennium, you have certainly been left behind by the wind of evolution. With more than 30,000 plugins to work with, WordPress has grown to become the ideal platform for your Business to Business website. if you are looking to project your firm to other businesses, the amazing range of functionalities offered by WordPress makes it the best option for you. Our firm is well poised to help you harness these potentials. We have a deep understanding of how the game of B2B marketing is played. Our experts are familiar with the often long and almost exhausting process of lead nurturing. We would help integrate solutions that would make this process easier such as email marketing, CRM and lead capture to your website. You would get this at a much cheaper rate when compared with other platforms.

B2C website design

Alongside the ease of content management WordPress offers in abundance, adaptability remains one of the WordPress’ major strengths. It owes much of this to the army of developers who have made thousands of plugins available to make the platform better. With a functional and stunning B2C website, your internet marketing efforts would get off to a very strong start. Regularly posting fresh and engaging content is the ultimate key to keeping current customers and even winning more hearts. Our WordPress Website design services give you the power to do this. We do not just build the website for you. We would endeavor to train you on some functionalities that could be a step beyond basic but are quite easy to learn. With this, you would be empowered to take charge of your online marketing activities and you would come to love the platform even more. We would also provide interactive walkthroughs and numerous how-to videos. With this, you would not need to expend your resources on posting content on your website and carrying out some other basics.

Building responsive WordPress websites

About 60% of search engine queries happen on mobile phones in this age. You would indeed be losing a huge share of the market if your site does not seamlessly adapt to the needs of mobile phones. Our WordPress website designers take note of this while designing your website. We build our websites with the latest technologies and ensure they are responsive to all devices and screen sizes. You get an impressive loading time across all platforms; smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other device your website may be accessed from.

Wordpress Websites for Optimal Performance

Performance is a key consideration for our WordPress website designers and we know you would have that in mind too. You do not have to worry about it. We have carefully selected our framework such that we can incorporate numerous high functional options and your website would still perform optimally. Numerous plugins that are designed to boost your website’s performance can also be incorporated.

SEO Considerations Right from the Design Stage

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t start when you start adding contents to your website. You can set up your site to rank higher right from the design stage. Fine details like responsive website design and loading time optimization are of great importance to SEO. Our WordPress website developers are aware of the principles of SEO and we take this into consideration right from the stage of designing your website. Our websites are famous for ranking early and we would love to add the Midas touch to your business.

Rock Solid and Secure Codes

We employ the Genesis framework for our WordPress website design and take it from us, that is the best around. You can be assured of state of the art security for your WordPress Website. You can sleep with both eyes closed, safe in the knowledge that the security of your website is never up for debate. Updating and customizing your website after development is also easy as pie. You can employ the numerous columns, widgets and page layouts available to ensure your website continually thrills your visitors and keeps up with the competition.  

Custom Domain Name 

Our WordPress website design services have the additional perk of a free domain name. You do not have to pay a dime for using a particular domain, we have that covered already. You are free to choose any domain name that catches your fancy, as long as it has not been taken by another website. If you have a domain name already, you can always make use of the existing domain name.

Excellent customer support

Our customer support agents are always available and ready to promptly attend to your complaints. Once we have executed any project for you, we consider you a top priority and are ever ready to hear you out whenever you make contact. Should you encounter any issue with our WordPress website design services or you wish to upgrade any aspect of your website, be rest assured we would always be around to help you.