Google hands out penalties if it believes your company has not complied with its rules or if you have used unauthorized SEO techniques. This can lower your search rank. WebyGeeks can work with you to negate penalties to keep your website visible to potential customers.

When it comes to breaching SEO related rules and regulations, Google isn't exactly very forgiving. The competition for space on the first page is stiff, to say the least. Little wonder you're quickly whacked for that seemingly minor or one-time offense. You could be a victim of bad advice, thinking you can be smart enough to escape the long arm of Google penalty. In other cases, you could almost swear you did nothing wrong, but still, you received the dreadful message from Google Webmaster Service. Well, it’s true you may not know your exact offense, but it’s highly unlikely Google serves you a penalty without breaching any rule. Here are some common mistakes made by website owners that could lead to a penalty:

  • Engaging in spammy guest blogging for links
  • Link building using artificial links
  • Oversaturating your contents with keywords
  • Manipulative tactics such as forcing users to stay on your site by rendering the web browser’s back button non-functional.
  • Plagiarized or low-value contents

Whatever your offense is, we have experts at Google Penalty Removal and Recovery that would help you get the ban lifted and set you on the path to recovery.

Some truths about Google Penalty Removal and Recovery

  • Removing the penalty is not magic. We do not promise it would be easy or fast. But we promise to get it done and help you take a giant step on the path to recovery.
  • If you were penalized because of ghost links, your site may take a while before it gets back to its storied heights. The reason for this is not farfetched. Your site had been soaring on artificial links which would be disavowed immediately you were penalized. Thus, you would have your work cut out when the penalty is removed and the links are unavailable to lift you up. It's not all bad news though; our SEO consultants would always be available to take you through every step of the journey.
  • Organic search engine traffic to your website may drop naturally. Such drop may not always be due to a penalty or even an algorithmic filter. We would first need to rule this out before we commence our rigorous work.

What are the signs of a Google Penalty?

As a website owner, you may find it difficult to identify the signs of a Google penalty. Because traffic is sometimes unpredictable, you may feel it’s one of those understandable drops in traffic. But if the drop is too drastic, or it’s taking too long for your site to go back up, you should suspect a Google Penalty. Here are some common signs

  • A direct message from Google Webmaster Tools
  • The disappearance of your site from search results, even after using specific keywords
  • A sudden drop in organic traffic from search engines
  • A noticeable decrease in keyword rankings

Diagnosing the causes of de-ranking

If you notice a sudden disappearance of your site on the early pages of search engines, especially Google, do not hesitate to contact us. Our SEO experts would help you get to the roots of the change. It could be one or more penalties, an algorithm filter or some other fundamental problem with the site. We are specialists in investigating the possible causes and after diagnosis, we profer a solution.


A manual review of your website’s link profile would reveal the problematic areas. Spam links, link networks, and schemes may be responsible for getting you banned. We remove all the harmful links and we provide effective alternatives that are not a breach of the rules.


Issues with Panda arise as a result of your website’s content and overall usability. We take a look at these areas manually in order to identify the cause of the problem. Once this is done, viable solutions and alternatives would be provided going forward.

Dedicated and Experienced staff

Our SEO experts do not just wear the ‘expert’ tag. They are well versed in the rules and regulations guarding SEO and Google rankings. They are ready to utilize their knowledge and wealth of experience to ensure your site gets back up after a Google penalty. Our team consists of dedicated members who love what they do.

Manual analysis

Our analysis of your site is carried out manually. We do not make use of any software because all currently available software are prone to error. Moreover, Google regularly releases updates and the software developer would have to work on how to incorporate the new update into their own application. We take the time to carefully and thoroughly go through your site, ensuring that we leave no stone unturned.

Simplifying the rules 

We understand that reading the terms and conditions of Google and other Search engines may be laborious, to say the least. There’s a lot of technical jargon on there and there’s too much information to absorb at once. Our SEO experts would help you prepare a detailed summary and explained the important things you need to know. That way, you are equipped to stay within the confines of terms and conditions.

Regular monitoring

Once you enlist us for a Google penalty repair service, you can rest assured you have a client for life. Our services extend beyond simply helping you get the ban lifted and getting back on track. Our SEO experts would consistently give you beneficial information about the latest updates, so you won’t become a repeat offender out of ignorance. We would also carry out periodic checks on your website and inform you if there’s anything you’re doing wrong again.