We are the #1 SEO reseller company and helping 126 companies with SEO reseller services. We do the work. You just have to sit back and relax!

Are you in need of smart solutions that would shoot up the ranking of your client’s websites on the search engines? We are an SEO white-label reseller company with many years of experience under our belt. We have helped many websites organically improve their search engine traffic which has led to a significant improvement in traffic and leads. We would be glad to collaborate with your company and bring our expertise to the table. We are ready to work on your clients’ projects doing all the hard work while leaving you with all the credits.  

SEO Reseller partners

Our SEO reseller services aim to form long-term business relationships with your business. We realize you may have what we want and we definitely have what you need. Our SEO Reseller partnerships fall into two categories. Both categories of partnerships come with mouth-watering rewards.

SEO Reseller Partner

Our SEO Reseller partnership is open to digital marketing companies that are looking to outsource their Search Engine Optimization services to reliable hands. If the workload on your business is more than you can handle, we would be glad to relieve you of some of the burden. You may be looking to outsource the whole SEO marketing service or just some part of it, say, content generation or link building. Our company would be glad to take up the job and you can be sure we would deliver quality services to good effect. You could even contract the SEO marketing department of your company to us. As reseller partners, you would be in charge of the client while we stay on top of the project.

SEO Referral partner

Perhaps you are a website designer or branding expert. You realize the importance of SEO to your clients’ website but you do not offer such services. To ensure your clients continually get the best service, you can always refer them to us. Rest assured, we would provide the best white-hat SEO services that would improve their websites’ rankings on Google and other search engines. As a referral partner, you would leave the task of managing the client to us. This, however, doesn’t mean we are averse towards working with you. If you want to be kept in the loop about our excellent services, we would be glad to oblige you.

Prospective partners

Our SEO reseller company is open to partnership with any of the following companies

  • Other SEO companies
  • Digital marketing firms
  • Link building firms
  • PPC management firms
  • Web hosting companies
  • Web design firms
  • Social Media Consultants
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Branding companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • IT professionals
  • Any business whose client s require internet marketing services.

Affordable SEO Reseller plans

As veterans in the digital marketing in business, we have a good idea of the usual costs for these services. Our charges are tuned to accommodate what obtains in the industry and they are quite affordable. We realize that we are an SEO reseller company and we are ready to charge less for the premium services we offer. With Webygeeks, you would be getting more than enough value for your money. Excellence is our watchword and we guard reputation jealously. You can be sure we would not compromise the quality of our services for anything.

Local SEO reseller plans

Our SEO reseller plans also cover local SEO services. We realize an overwhelming majority of the relevant leads to your clients’ business would need to be generated locally. Our local SEO reseller services can help you break even the most competitive of local markets. We can help you clients list their businesses on popular directories and relevant maps. Our excellent services would also focus on achieving higher ranking for your client’s website on local search engines. Furthermore, we would help increase the awareness about your brand in the local community.   

SEO reseller services that actually work

Perhaps you have previously paid heavily for SEO solutions from another company. Only to discover their SEO service is a fad. They could have employed outdated strategies that work for a short time and then your client’s website drops right back. Worse still, the strategies employed could be illegal, which might have led to Google placing a ban on your client’s website. Their dishonesty could even have hurt your relationship with your clients. With Webygeeks, you can put your mind to rest because none of such would ever happen. We employ a robust approach towards SEO and our SEO reseller packages are tested and proven. All our efforts are white hat and we do not take shortcuts or cut corners.

We stay up to date 

In the business of SEO, a solution that generates massive results today may turn out illegal tomorrow. That is why we strive to constantly stay at the top of our game. We follow every important update and we are not afraid to change our strategies. Even more than staying up to date, we anticipate the next moves of Google and other search engines and try to put ourselves in a pole position to harness the opportunity when it finally comes. Our SEO reseller plans do not dwell on the past. Rather, we focus on strategies that work now and try to anticipate strategies that would work in future.     

Regular reporting and timely delivery

As a white label SEO reseller, we understand the value of timely delivery to your business and we would never do anything that could breach the trust your clients have for you. We deliver ahead of schedule and if there is anything that could delay the delivery, we let you know ahead of time. It gets even better is our SEO reseller plans with your company is a long-term one. We provide monthly updates on our progress and you would be kept in the loop about every move we make. Our philosophy is simple. If you are paying for our SEO reseller services, the least we could do is deliver on our promises. Once we are unable to do that, there is absolutely no need to retain us.

Confidentiality and client ownership

At Webygeeks, we realize the importance of keeping client information confidential. If you subscribe to our SEO reseller program, you are guaranteed 100% privacy in all our dealings. Our company is bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We treat every information you furnish us about your client confidential and we would not even include the SEO reseller service rendered in our portfolio without your permission. We can help you cover your tracks and let you take all the accolades. Your client does not even need to know we exist. You are our SEO reseller service client and that is all that matters to us.


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