Our Approach

Before making it down to our website, we are sure you would have received countless emails coated with promises of instant ranking on search engines. A Google search of the phrase ‘digital marketing agency’ pops up about 2.6million results. Such is the stiffness of the competition in our industry and we are not blind to this. We are aware you are actually spoilt for choice but we are convinced we are the right digital marketing agency for you. This conviction stems from our unique approach. We adopt strategies other agencies are yet to unearth and we are sure our goals and strategies would align with your business goals.

Fair and transparent dealings

Before we sign a contract with you, we first ensure we provide a detailed explanation of our services in simple and clear terms. We also let you know what to expect from us and when to expect the results. We do not make nefarious promises that would be impossible to deliver on. We also try to be as transparent as possible, letting you in on our activities and providing periodic updates on our progress. With the reports, you are able to have full knowledge of what you are paying for.

Custom approach

It doesn’t matter our wealth of experience or how good we are at this, we believe we can’t know your business more than you do. That is why we carefully listen to your business plans and goals before going ahead to map out a strategy that best suits your business. We do not adopt a one fits all approach. This is particularly important in this fast moving world of digital marketing. Our solutions are tailored to your business and our results always speak for us.

We bill for the time spent

We are transparent with the amount we charge for our services. This is why we do not have standard billing packages. We calculate our fees based on the nature of your work and more importantly, how much time we spend on the job. You can be safe in the knowledge that we do not have any hidden fees or bogus costs. We let you in on whatever we do as we believe this gives a better appreciation of our services. You can be sure you are getting the best prices for the quality of services we render.

We carefully select our team

 The image of our company matters a lot to us and we would not want anything that would tarnish it. Our recruitment process is thorough and we carefully select the best hands whose career goals align with our organization’s vision. Our team members have excellent customer relation skills to go with their immense talent. They have a burning passion to see you grow and they bring an admirable level of dedication to every project.

We do not outsource

If we need more hands, we hire. Yes, it’s that simple. Once you enter a contract with us, you can be sure those working on your project are members of our community. For obvious reasons, we do not give your project to outsiders. We believe no one can treat your project with the urgency and dedication it requires other than the members of our team. No matter how full our hands are, you can be sure we’ll have our own people work on your project once we enter into the agreement with you.

We aim to build long-term relationships

More than engaging in one-time projects we always give our clients a good reason to come back. We understand the importance of having repeat clients and we set about our work with the aim of becoming a part of your team. The nature of our business is such that you would continue to need us even as your business begins to expand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fortune 500 company or an upcoming local business. We treat our clients with the same regard and try our best to meet them right at their points of need. We constantly monitor the growth of our esteemed clients and we would be on hand to render excellent services as usual when you need to expand. We would love to be a part of your team, prioritizing you over other clients and regularly coming up with ideas to make your business better. Do not take our word for it, try us first and see for yourself.