WordPress is a great site for small businesses. The interface is easy to use, so anyone can build an amazing website. But, no website is complete without quality SEO that will link keywords entered into a search to your site.

WordPress is comfortably the most popular and arguably the best Content Management System in the world. Businesses all over the world have used the WordPress platform for their blogs, e-commerce sites, and websites. The reason for its unmatched popularity is not far fetched. WordPress is highly flexible and easy to use and in addition to that, it has numerous built-in SEO capabilities that are second to none. We can help you harness all the potentials inherent in using WordPress as the platform for your website. We take advantage of the numerous SEO capabilities that come with WordPress and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Starting from the scratch

Our expert WordPress developers have full knowledge of all the principles of WordPress Search Engine Optimization. We know that SEO doesn’t simply start when you are adding content to your website. It starts right from the process of Website development. We help you examine your website thoroughly to ensure it is finely poised to rank high on search engines. We work assiduously to correct any mistake noticed and get your website back on track. If you are just about to build your website, our task is even made much easier. We make use of our knowledge and skills and incorporate the elements that are essential to making your website rank high right from the design stage.

Complete keyword optimization

Before creating any content at all, there is need to carry out proper keyword research. Creating content without the proper blend of keywords is an absolute waste of time. No matter how great your content is, it would only rot on your website if it is not targeted to attract readers. Beyond researching the right keywords, you also need to be sure your site can rank for the selected keyword. This is due to the stiff competition for space at the front page of search engines. With take this into consideration during our keyword research and you can be assured of the best results. It is important to carry out keyword research before writing content. If this is done, the content writer is able to seamlessly incorporate the keywords into the content and the result is keyword rich contents that would still be a good read for your visitors.

On page and off page audit

Search Engine Optimization requires a holistic approach and the same is obtainable for WordPress SEO. We carry out on-page and off-page edit of your WordPress websites in order to get the best results. While on-page optimization focuses on creating the perfect contents and URL optimization, off-page SEO activities involve link building and site structure as well as domain details. Technical details such as page loading time, seamless loading across all devices and platforms, content rendering and Javascript crawling etc, are also ironed out. 

Loading Speed optimization

Another important aspect of WordPress SEO is the speed at which your website loads. Many WordPress developers fail to take this into consideration, leading to WordPress websites that take a long time to load. This badly hurts your rankings on search engines. Asides this, visitors are likely to exit your website even before they can see what you have to offer. Our WordPress SEO experts have all the tools and the technical knowledge to optimize the speed of your WordPress website.

Keeping up with the best practices

Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving, and our experts are well aware of this. All it takes is a single Google update and a standard practice today becomes obsolete. We keep ourselves abreast of the changes in the fast-evolving world of SEO and we are always ready to go with the flow. Our WordPress SEO experts also keep an eye on what the competition is up to. We emulate the practices that can improve the rankings of your WordPress website and even try to be better at it.

We relish the challenge

While managing content on Wordpress could be very easy, the platform doesn’t come without its challenges. Managing content and optimizing your site for search engines is a different ballgame entirely.  The dizzying range of SEO plugins available could prove confusing for the average website owner. To fully utilize the plugins, you would need the services of seasoned professionals and we are ready to offer that. An innocuous coding error could severely derank your website rankings and employing conflicting plugins could have even more drastic effects. Our SEO experts have full knowledge of all the technicalities and intricacies and we’ll be more than glad to take your business to the next level.