Search Engine Optimization is the new buzzword in internet marketing and this development is not totally unexpected. With the unprecedented rise in the popularity of the internet, many people now rely on the internet and search engines, in particular, to search for products and services and to make purchase decisions. Predictably, virtually all businesses have some form of online presence now. But ordinary online presence is not enough. Your business website needs to be on the first page of search engine queries if you are to maximize the inherent benefits that come with your online presence. Our SEO consulting company is prepared to help your business achieve this goal.

Think about the last time you went beyond the first page of results after a search engine query. We bet you can’t remember. That’s exactly what happens with other people too. Competition for customers in every niche is quite stiff and people almost always get what they want on the first page. Imagine if your website only appears on the sixth page. It goes without saying that the possibility of getting any significant traffic from search engines is nonexistent. Your business website should rank on the first page for multiple keywords related to your business if you are to maximize the potentials of your online presence. Our professional SEO consultants have an in-depth knowledge of all the strategies required to take your website to the first page. 

Custom SEO consulting services

Our experienced SEO consultants have worked with numerous businesses across various niches over the years. Although there is a basic framework we employ in our approach to Search Engine Optimization, we recognize the fact that there is no universal approach that would fit all cases. That is why we first assess the peculiar needs of your website before making a decision on the strategies that would best suit your business. Our custom SEO consultancy services have served our clients well for many years and you can be sure we would get it right on your business website. You might have been told by other SEO companies that your niche is quite difficult to crack. Our SEO consulting company also recognizes the fact that some niches are tougher than the others. But we relish every challenge and we would be glad to pick up the gauntlet. Our SEO consultancy services come with a guarantee. We would use our custom approach to ensure your website gets to the first page of the ranking on Google and other search engines.

Periodic reporting and updates

As you would know already, comprehensive SEO services do not produce results overnight. We employ 100% organic strategies and you need to be patient if you want to see the desired results. But we would not take that as an excuse to go incommunicado. Since you have trusted us with taking your website to the first page of Google and other search engines, we believe the least expected of us is to let you know our progress on the work. That is why we provide regular reporting and updates for all our clients. Depending on your schedule, we can even meet to discuss our progress and we would show you visible improvements that have come about since we started working on your website.

Our top SEO consultants document the periodic updates that you can go through at your own convenience. You could even search for the relevant keywords periodically and you would see that the progress we are making. The regular updates give both parties a clear idea of how far they have come and how much they still need to do to get to the desired destination. It is an avenue for you to know we are actively working on your website and it also keeps us on our toes to ensure we keep recording marked progress.

White hat SEO services

With the rise in the demand for Search Engine Optimization also came an unprecedented rise in its supply. You would have received emails or seen ads that promise comprehensive SEO services that would be delivered within the blink of an eye at a ridiculously cheap price. Unfortunately, most of these schemes turn out to be a sham. You may experience a rise in the rankings of your website immediately after making payment but you can be sure it would come crashing down in no time at all. Worse still, such black-hat services could lead to a Google penalty and getting your website out of that mess would take another approach entirely. And you can be sure it would cost much more than it would take to hire a trusted SEO consulting company.

Local SEO consultants

A good number of businesses today require a customer base that is restricted to a particular locality. If your website is one of such, we can employ robust local SEO strategies to drive the desired traffic to your website. Some of our local SEO approaches includes local listings, content creation, social media activities, etc.

Mobile SEO

More than half of search engine queries are initiated via mobile. You would be losing a lot of potential customers if your search engine optimization efforts overlook mobile SEO. There are some differences in the ranking algorithms used by search engines for mobile and desktop searches. But it all starts with a responsive website. If your website is not responsive, you are chasing away a lot of potential customers that may be searching from their smartphones or tablets.

Anyone that knows their onions regarding Search Engine Optimization would tell you excellent results are not achieved suddenly. If you are to stay on the right side of Google’s terms and conditions, the approach would involve steady progress and you would need to exercise patience before your website can get to the desired position. We have the best SEO consultants in our company and we only employ white-hat approaches to Search Engine Optimization. Here is a quick summary of our approach to SEO:

  • Website audits

The first thing we do once you hand over the keys to your website is carrying out a comprehensive website audit. This is germane as it gives us a clear idea of your current state and allows us to devise custom strategies that would take your website to the desired point. The website audit also permits us to set realistic time frames for the completion of the project. From our thorough website audit, we can easily identify the parts of your website that need to be addressed and proffer solutions to the current problems.

  • Getting familiar

After you must have fully hired our SEO consulting company, the next thing we do is to learn as much as we can about you. We strongly believe that SEO isn’t just about getting your website to the top. While the main goal is to increase the visibility of your business website, the increased visibility counts for nothing if it doesn’t translate into increased patronage and more return on your investment. This is why we take time to learn your business values and goals and familiarize ourselves with the unique thing about your business that attracts customers. With a good knowledge of this, we can then go ahead to tailor our approach to focus on your strengths and you can expect massive results from our strategies.

  • Competitive analysis

Our best SEO consultants work majorly by focusing on your company’s strength but a little insight into what the competition is up to wouldn’t be too bad. The fact is that if you are going to take your website to the first page of search engine rankings, you would be displacing other websites. It would help greatly to know what your online competitors are doing right in order to beat them at their game. That is why researching the contents, keyword usage, and other aspects of your competitors’ websites are part of our approach towards search engine optimization.

  • Keyword research

It is important to understand what consumers in your niche regularly search for if you want your business to be at the forefront of their search engine queries. Our comprehensive keyword research strategies analyze large data from internal and external sources. This would give us an insight into the kind of content your website needs to rank high on Google and other Search engines. Whatever happens, you can be sure we do not engage in keyword stuffing in an attempt to achieve our aim. The keywords would be integrated seamlessly into your website content such that the contents would still make a good read for visitors.

  • Content creation

As you might have heard already, ‘content is king’. Any SEO service that promises to employ a robust approach but does not focus on content is already set up to fail. We have expert content creators at our SEO consulting company and we are ready to revamp your website content in order to optimize your website to rank high on search engines. Asides your website content, you need to offer great value for your visitors by churning out contents that are directly or indirectly related to your products or services. This would greatly increase organic traffic to your website and the search engine algorithms would not fail to notice this. Our on-site optimization would also include meta titles and descriptions that would be creatively written to attract visitors.

  • Monitoring data from Google analytics and other tools

There are numerous analytics tools that provide an insight into how well your website is performing. Key matrices such as the traffic, traffic source, time spent on site, and the pages in the website that are responsible for the traffic are provided. A thorough understanding of these would help greatly in devising strategies that would help rank your website higher.

  • Link building

The quality of your backlinks is one of the key matrices employed by Google in ranking your website. We have formed strong partnerships with many key players across various industries. Even if we are yet to crack your niche, we can assure you that our top SEO consultants would only take a little while before they do. And when they do, you would start seeing the magical effect quality backlinks can have on your website traffic.

Let us do it for you

Your website won’t appear on the first page of Google searches by accident. A deliberate approach needs to be employed. It may involve you learning all the principles of SEO and doing it yourself or employing professional SEO consultants. We can assure you that the latter approach is the best in more ways than one. Search Engine Optimization is dynamic and you can never overemphasize the importance of experience in devising an effective strategy for your business website. Our top SEO consultants have more than 30 years combined worth of experience taking different websites to the first page of Google and other search engines. To master the basics and start delivering the results for your website, you may need more than a full year of practical experience. This robs you the time you need to focus on the core aspects of your business. If you let us do the job for you, an effective service that would be delivered within a short period of time is guaranteed. Furthermore, our services are quite affordable and you would be getting great value for your money.

Your partners in progress

Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process and all the good work we have done could go down the drain in a short time if you take your foot off the gas. That is why our top SEO consultants form long-term partnerships with our clients. Even if we are no longer working for you, we still offer our support in any way we can. So what are you waiting for? Why not get in touch with an SEO consultant from our company today and watch as we perform our magic on your business website.