Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect with your local customers the moment they search for your product or service? Local SEO services from us helps to boost your website to locals in your area looking for you.

The latest buzzword in online marketing is ‘SEO’- Search Engine Optimization. These days, having a website is simply not enough. The website must be well engineered to ensure it is visible to potential clients who search for your services on various search engines. Your efforts at online presence would be jeopardized if you do not invest in SEO activities. Your aim should always be getting your page on the first page of search engines. Internet users hardly exhaust the options on the first page, not to mention results on the other pages. There really is no better place to hide a corpse than the latter pages of a Google search?

Local content strategies

Content is the lifeblood of SEO. Search Engine optimization efforts that do not treat content as king is already set up to fail. Our Local SEO experts know this and we begin our job by revamping your contents. Our holistic approach to content management focuses on every aspect of your website; pictures, texts, videos, links and all worked on to ensure all-round results. We create fresh content, improve existing ones and promote your contents to the target audience. Our methods are proven and trusted and you’ll be amazed at the results we deliver.

Optimize your website for local search

If you are a provider of services that require on the site presence before rendering, local SEO is even more important for you. Your conversion rate would be very low if all the inquiries you get are from distant cities. We would optimize your website to ensure the search engines understand your specific area. We achieve this through strategies such as NAP data, schema markup and local keyword optimization.

Google Local Optimization

Our local SEO experts have worked with thousands of companies and have optimized countless listing to an admirable degree of success. We have grown in knowledge and experience over the years and local optimization have become our forte. We are familiar with all the guidelines, the dos and the don’ts. We devise an all round strategy that would optimize your Google listings. The results would be obvious in no time at all.

Review process and monitoring

Good reviews are important to the growth of your business. Sometimes, a review is all it takes to convert a skeptical visitor into a faithful client. You cannot overemphasize the importance of monitoring your reviews. We have the right mechanisms to monitor your reviews across different websites. Through this you are able to follow the complaints of dissatisfied clients and know what aspect of your service to improve upon. Sometimes, you could even get them to change the reviews. Our local SEO efforts also implement techniques that increase the percentage of customers that leave reviews. This would greatly benefit your business in the long run.

Citation audits and optimization

Your listings in the local directories should be accurate and complete if your business is to thrive locally. Important contact information about your business such as the name, address and email, contact number, etc. must be accurately stated if customers are to locate you easily. The data is also important to Google’s ranking algorithm. You can always trust us our local SEO experts with everything that concerns your business citations.

Accurate and concise reporting

Search Engine Optimization has several different layers. It is a broad term used for a conglomerate of activities that are designed to rank your site higher on search engines. We believe in letting you in on all our efforts at ranking your site. We provide detailed reports to our client. The report provides a full knowledge of what you’re paying for and you are able to monitor our progress. The report includes screenshots on the search position of your website for the related keywords. We update the reports every 24hours, giving you the opportunity to monitor our progress in real time

Link building reports

 There is no secrecy about our operations. Our methods are proven and tested and we are willing to let you in on every step we take. As link building is crucial to earning your website a favorable rank on search engines, we furnish you with all the links we have been able to earn for your website. We do not deal in fake links that would eventually hurt your website in the long run. You can examine every single link by yourself and ascertain the veracity of our claims.

Website analytic reporting

We provide reports from Google analytics data that clearly show you the impact of our marketing strategies on the ranking of your sites as well as the general traffic. From this, you can be sure our reports and results are real.

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