We are a full-service digital marketing agency with passionate and goal driven staff who are ready to optimize your business’ online presence. More than half of the world population already has access to the internet and there is no progressive business that would fail to notice the increasing importance of the internet in the lives of ordinary people. Searches for products and services are conducted every minute and purchase decisions are made on the internet every day. If your business doesn’t have a strong online presence already, you are missing out on a huge market share.

Build or strengthen your online presence

Our digital marketing services extend to businesses that do not have a strong online presence already or companies that are looking to consolidate their online presence. You may also have a huge social media following and record impressive traffic to your website, but your conversion rate could still be miserable. Our digital marketing agency is ready to help you convert your traffic into sales. You will experience a significant return on your investment within a short time if you choose to hire us. Our digital marketing experts have a huge wealth of experience and they have worked with many companies across many industries. We are known for delivering top-notch services so you can be sure yours won't be an exception. We would love to have your name on our expanding list of satisfied clients.

Custom approach for your business

At our digital marketing agency, we recognize the fact that we cannot develop effective strategies in isolation. Our plans have to properly align with your business goals if they are to be genuinely effective. That is why our first move would always be to familiarize ourselves with your business. We would ask all the relevant questions and get to know even the fine details that would aid our digital marketing efforts. Afterward, we can develop custom approaches that would specifically suit your business. The result is a strong ROI while endearing your business to the heart of customers. Even when we are done working with you, our approach sustainable and would continue to serve your business as long as you are willing to make the necessary tweaks as the industry evolves.

Get the word out!

It is no longer newsworthy that the internet and social media platforms represent the best advertising platforms for businesses in this age. Conventional advertising media have become less important and it is important to key into this change if you want to derive maximum benefits for your business. We are a top digital agency and our workers are experts at advertising on the internet and social media platforms. There are many intricacies involved in effective advertisement and you may end up wasting a lot of money while seeing very little results if you try to do it on your own. Our digital marketing agency is trusted and reliable and there is no other firm you would rather do business with. We believe digital marketing isn’t simply about getting the word out but reaching out to the right people. We can specifically target customers that would naturally have an interest in your products and services and you would be amazed at the impressive conversion rates we would achieve.

Get ahead of the competition

There is hardly any business niche in this age that is not saturated. No matter how unique you think what you offer is, there is a good chance that someone, somewhere also offers the same product and service. Your creativity and value-added services would be what would distinguish your business from the others. But no matter how creative you are, if you do not effectively reach your customers, you would not be able to rise above your competitors. We would carry out a comprehensive competitive analysis to know what your competition is doing right and devise strategies you can adopt to do better. Our digital marketing agency understands what makes customers tick and we promise to win loyal customers for your business. We also understand the dynamic nature of customers and the evolving nature of digital marketing. Thus, we closely monitor the current trends and we adopt a highly flexible approach to digital marketing.

At Webygeeks, we can help your business handle the following

  1. Social media marketing

Social media platforms have become one of the best avenues for generating quality leads for your business. Our professional digital marketers are familiar with all the important social media platforms and we can help consolidate the presence of your business on these platforms. The truth is that most businesses do not require presence across all platforms. Often, it is better to focus on your marketing efforts on selected platforms. You can concentrate on growing your reputation on these platforms and it would yield great rewards for your business.  We understand the demography of consumers that dominate each platform and we can help you choose the best platforms for your business. The social media management experts in our digital marketing agency know what it takes to boost your social media popularity and arouse the interest of followers in your business. All you need do is trust us with the job and we would surely deliver.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Our digital marketing agency boasts in-house SEO experts. We recognize the fact that the importance of optimizing your website to appear on the first page of search engine queries cannot be overemphasized. We employ a fully organic approach towards SEO and you can trust us to bring your website to the first page of Google and other search engines when relevant keywords are searched. You should understand that effective SEO incorporates various interrelated activities and results do not appear like magic. It may take a while to get to the desired point but you would no doubt notice significant improvement as we go about our work. Our SEO efforts focus on on-page optimization, keywords research, mobile SEO, content optimization, link building etc. The overall result of these tasks is an appearance at the top of searches for relevant keywords initiated on Google and other search engines. Furthermore, we do not just focus on getting your website to the top, we ensure our strategies are sustainable so that you can easily keep the website afloat. We also ensure that the increased traffic that comes from first page rankings is converted into a proportionate increase in sales.

  1. Conversion optimization

It is not uncommon to encounter businesses that record a fair amount of traffic on their website and an even more impressive social media following but still has nothing to show for it in sales. Our full service digital marketing agency is ready to work with your business if you are in such position and we guarantee that your story would change in a short while. The ultimate goal of any business is undoubtedly to make profit. Often it takes a good following to realize this goal. But it becomes a curious case if your business boasts the following but there is no corresponding profit. This definitely means there is something you are not getting right and we would be glad to figure it out for you. We would take a comprehensive tour of the critical processes on your website. How compelling is the content on the website? What payment methods are allowed? Is the process of signing up and placing orders simple and straightforward? Often, the solution to why your website’s conversion rate is so low lies in these questions. 

  1. Website analytics

Our digital marketing agency services also include monitoring the hard data about traffic to your website. If you are looking to gain an insight into the behavioral patterns of consumers when they visit your website, you need to appreciate the importance of website analytics. Our professional digital marketers can leverage the benefits of Google analytics as well as other analytics tools and use it for the benefit of your business. To an ordinary eye, the data may seem like just another set of jargon but placed in the right hands, analytics data can be used to greatly increase traffic to your website and also optimize your conversion rates. On analyzing the data generated, we can come up with a solid plan that would strategically place your business at the forefront of customer satisfaction.

  1. Pay per click management

Advertising remains one of the core offerings of our digital marketing agency.  We believe you do not have to spend a huge fortune on advertising before you start seeing results. That is why Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is one of our preferred advertising methods. With PPC, you would only pay for the number of clicks on your ads. Again, your ads would be directed to individuals that are interested in your products. This would ensure you maintain an impressive conversion rate and significant returns on your investment. Our professional digital marketing experts are adept at targeting the right audience for your business

  1. Display advertising

Our digital marketing agency can help you take your firm’s marketing efforts to a whole new level with our innovative approach to display advertising. The human mind is known to process images and videos faster than texts and most people surfing the internet do not read that much. You should not be surprised to discover that only a small percentage of your visitors actually take time to read the content you have spent so much on creating. Display advertising is the perfect way to get around this. Through images and short videos, you can pitch your products and services to consumers. They don’t even have to pay utmost attention before the message gets to them because the videos and images would be creatively designed to catch their attention. Display advertising is known to be twice more engaging than texts and our full service digital marketing agency can help you maximize the benefits.

  1. Reputation management

Building an online reputation and managing it is key to the growth of your business. In an age where humans are more connected than ever, your marketing efforts would be greatly hurt if the wrong information is spreading about your business. It doesn’t matter whether that info is the truth or not. All that matters is that you must make it go away. Our digital marketing agency can help you manage your online reputation effectively. It all starts by encouraging customers to drop positive reviews about your business. Once you continually deliver quality products and services, you won’t have much to worry about. But it’s impossible to satisfy everyone at every given time. Our job is to make sure the online complaints of your customers are promptly addressed so they would not spoil the good name you are building. But this doesn’t even happen often because we prefer a proactive approach to addressing customer complaints and managing your online reputation. Just trust us with the job and focus on your products and services. Rest assured, we’ll make a great team!

  1. Amazon SEO

Your Amazon e-commerce store can only generate high sales volume if it is always on the first page when people search for the products you sell. Even the most fastidious shopper hardly goes beyond the first page because many people believe the best stores are displayed on the first page. We have what it takes to optimize your Amazon SEO and put your store on the first page.

  1. Big Commerce SEO

If your e-commerce website is not dominating the search results, you should know you are missing out on a lot of potential sales. Our digital marketing agency can help you optimize your big commerce SEO and bring massive ROI.

  1. Franchise SEO

Our digital marketing service also provides a solution to your franchise SEO challenges. We can help you with your Google My Business listings. Our Franchise search engine optimization also pays special attention to local SEO because we are aware of the huge market share the locals represent. 

  1. Local SEO

Many businesses are now shifting attention to local SEO and this development is more than welcome. A good number of people search for products and services in their area and often, they end up making the purchase as long as they are able to get what they want. Our digital marketing agency boasts local SEO experts that would complement your marketing efforts. Our firm will make your business appear on the first page when people in your area search for the products and services you offer.

  1. Magento SEO

Magento has grown to become one of the most popular web development platforms and the aesthetics and performance of e-commerce stores built on Magento are arguably unrivaled. But no matter how big and beautiful your e-commerce store is, you still need SEO to generate quality leads. You should know that some of the principles of Magento SEO are quite different from Word Press SEO. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of Magento SEO and we can help you take your Magento e-commerce store to the first page.  

  1. Shopify SEO

Your Shopify store needs to rank high if you are to maximize the benefits of having an e-commerce store. Research has shown that a good number of the people that search for specific products on the internet end up making a purchase. You can make your store their first point of call by hiring our digital marketing agency.

  1. Video SEO

Search engine optimization is gradually shifting from what it used to be and exploring novel avenues to present businesses to customers. Video is unarguably the digital media with that is most highly consumed and your business can receive a really big boost if you hire our video SEO experts.

  1. WordPress SEO

It wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that half of the internet runs on the WordPress platform. WordPress itself has many unique advantages as regards search engine optimization but the competition for spaces at the top is quite fierce. We can help you navigate this competition and make your WordPress website the leader of the pack.

  1. Outsource SEO

If you are an SEO firm and you are overburdened by your current workload, we are your best SEO outsource partners. We make a salient promise to be discreet about our jobs and your client wouldn’t even get a whiff that we handled your project. Importantly, you can be sure we would deliver quality services your clients would be more than pleased with.

  1. SEO reseller services

Perhaps you have a digital marketing firm and many of your clients require SEO services but you do not offer such. You do not need to send your clients away. You can always contact our digital marketing agency and we would deliver nothing short of the best.

  1. Google Penalty Recovery

As long as your website remains on Google blacklist, you should expect zero leads from search engines. If you take a stop to think about the market share you are missing out on, you might as well close down the website. But before you take that drastic step, why not get in touch today and watch us work our magic on your website? Our digital marketing services include helping firms remove their names from Google’s blacklist and we would surely be of great help to your firm.

We deliver results, not excuses

We promise to bring increase the visibility of your business across the board and also increase conversion. You can trust us to deliver on our promise. All you need to do is focus on your core products and services and we would get the customers trooping in. it doesn’t matter how competitive or difficult you perceive your niche to be. Our digital marketing experts have cracked some of the toughest niches around and we would relish the challenge yours presents. Just hand over the job and we would come back with great results and not excuses.

Contact us today

We are the best digital marketing agency around and we would love to do business with you. Our approach to business is completely professional and we always deliver on our promises. If you need any digital marketing service that is not listed here for your business, we would be ready to listen to your specific needs and do our best to satisfy them. Contact our firm today and you would be glad you did.