If you are a franchisee looking to increase visibility on your website, SEO can help by using targeted keywords that will help you connect with customers who already love the franchise company you own a store with.

What is Franchise SEO and Why is It Important?

Success online for any company is determined by the efforts that are placed into creating and implementing a successful SEO strategy.  A strategy needs to take into account every aspect of the business that will be presented online in order to maximize the search results for the company resulting in generating as many leads as possible. 

Simply put, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a strategy in which businesses attempt to create increased traffic from sources that are considered organic, natural and editorial searches that are conducted online daily.  The emphasis of SEO Marketing is creating free traffic instead of companies having to pay for ads.  As more companies look for new traffic sources, the reliance upon effective SEO practices grows. 

Franchising companies face the same challenges as they too struggle to be more visible through effective SEO practices.  In many cases, just because a franchise has national support in SEO from the corporate office doesn’t mean that the local franchises aren’t susceptible to being overshadowed by local competition. 

Our company understands the issues facing franchising companies in a competitive online market place.  Success is determined by creating a Unified Franchise SEO Plan that takes the direction of the corporate office and tailors it for the franchisee on the local level for a top down SEO strategy that will generate leads and increase overall business. 

Why Franchising Companies without a Unified Franchise SEO Plan Fail?

Many companies with franchisees place an emphasis on SEO without an understanding of what franchise SEO services are and really mean.  This misunderstanding results in marketing strategies that are disorganized, particularly among franchisees as each is left to focus on their own perceived best path for SEO success. 

For many franchising companies, this disorganization leads to a lack of uniformity in overall brand, and the business will be limited in the generation of leads.  This is NOT the way for a franchising business to grow.  Without a unified plan of SEO strategy, these franchising companies will lag behind competition in Google placement results.   As a result, companies without a unified franchise SEO plan will suffer on national and local levels in the generation of leads and improved business. 

Our Model of Success:  Traditional SEO and Local SEO

We succeed where other companies promising improved SEO performance fail due to the holistic approach of combining a cohesive strategy based upon Traditional Corporate SEO strategy with an emphasis on Local SEO for a complete strategy.  It is only through this method that companies can expect organic traffic generated nationally and locally for overall success of the business. 

A Plan for Traditional SEO

Success in Traditional SEO is based in the unified concept of researching target audience searches, establishing beneficial systems of cooperation among local level franchises, and improving the cost-effective nature of the Google ads that are run by your business. 

We create successful outcomes for our clients through a uniquely tailored strategy for each client we serve.  There is no single path that all businesses can travel in order to find success.  The truth is that every business and business model is different resulting in the need for strategically tailored SEO. 

In order to create a tailored system, our team of SEO professionals first researches the company we are working for in order to understand the requirements of the company.  From companies with a small number of franchises or with several hundred, a unique plan needs to be created in order to create successful results. 

Initial Research

This initial research is done through compiling an analysis of the past performance of the company, but also an analysis of marketplace competition.   We need to see where the company has been and how its competition has fared in order to see where the company might be able to go. 

Research of Keywords and Marketplace

The fundamental success of any SEO venture is to understand and utilize the most effective keywords that will drive traffic to websites.  We will provide in-depth analysis of thousands of the best keywords that reflect the searches of potential customers to similar sites.  These keywords drive the organic searches that will bring traffic. 

Local Listings Evaluation

In order to understand where you can go with SEO, we need to help you understand where you have been and where your competition has been.  It is through establishing this foundation that the best plan can be formulated and acted upon in order to identify new traffic sources. 

Review of Website and Mobile Applications

We will fully review your website and mobile capabilities for content, keywords and ease of use.  Many potential customers are moving towards mobile applications, and we provide extensive expertise taking your business to the next level. 

Regular Meetings with Clients

Our goal in customer service is to be as receptive and attentive to the client’s needs as possible.  We will conduct multiple meetings with clients to assess the satisfaction of the client, the results of our work, and where we might be able to find new opportunities.

A Plan for Local SEO

Once the Traditional SEO Goals and Plans have been established then we can focus on the Local SEO to drive the individual franchises.  We do this by focusing on several methods that identify the areas for best potential traffic in the local sectors. 

Focus on Local Listings

Driving local traffic relies on being present in the best local listings.  We research the parts of local media that companies need to be associated with for the best search results. 

Reliance on Industry and Market Specific Sites

Local traffic is driven by knowledge of the community and where the community does its preferred business.  We will identify the best practices for entering these areas and introduce your company to them.

Media Outlets and Social Sharing Sites

In previous advertising, word of mouth provided the best ways to spread information about your business, and today is no different in local communities.  Potential clients have preferred methods to receive local information, and we find these for you. 

At WebyGeeks, our mission is to spread the information regarding your company through the most effective means on a national and local level.  We want to work with you to drive your business to new heights.