Small businesses and enterprises that fail to devise a comprehensive internet marketing strategy in this age are already set up to fail. On the other hand, some businesses devise a laudable plan but come up short at the implementation stage. If your business is facing any of these challenges, you need a trusted and reliable internet marketing consultant and you have come to the right place. Our consulting experts have a huge wealth of experience, working with numerous businesses across various industries for many years. They are adept at devising comprehensive internet marketing strategies that would align seamlessly with your business goals and implementing the strategies. Rest assured, you would see massive results that would translate to a surge in the public awareness about your business and an increase in sales and revenue. All you need to do is to focus on your core products or services and ensure you are giving your customers what they want.

Work with trusted experts

The internet is already the most powerful advertising tool for businesses and it doesn’t look like it would relinquish that stronghold anytime soon. But the concept of internet marketing could seem complicated to the onlooker or greenhorn. The fact that the field is fast-evolving doesn’t help much either. If you try to do it all on your own, you could get stuck trying to learn old tricks while the trends keep changing every day. Our savvy internet marketers have mastered the old strategies and techniques and are abreast of new developments in the field. You can trust us with your advertising efforts on the internet while you get more time to focus on your core products and services an entrepreneur.

Custom approach for your business

Our internet marketing consultants have been in the game for several years. More than anyone, we understand that no two firms could be precisely the same. Even among businesses in similar niches, the approach to internet marketing may differ depending on the overall goals of the business. From our arsenal of strategies, our reliable internet marketing consulting company can pick the approaches that best suit your business. Thus, you can expect a significant increase in your ROI because you would be spending less and achieving enviable results. Our internet marketing strategies are integrated and our approach is designed such that your business reaps great rewards from the synergy of the individual approaches.

Below are some of what our internet marketing consultant can do for your business:

If your business doesn’t have a website yet, you are undoubtedly missing out on a huge market share. More than half of the world’s population have access to the internet already and the numbers are still on the rise. But more than an increase in the numbers, perhaps, it is the increase in significance that matters the most. Many people now search for products on services online and the decision to or to not patronize is also made online. Our expert web designers can provide your business with the perfect website. All our websites are compatible with all devices and they are optimized to strategically place your business in the view of customers. The website would be visitor-friendly and navigation would be made easy so that your potential customers would have a great visiting experience.

If your business has a website already and you are not yet reaping the rewards, it could just be that there is something you got wrong along the line. Our internet marketing consulting services involve revamping client website and optimizing it to improve conversion rates. With the growing importance of mobile queries, it is a prerequisite in this age that your business website should be responsive. The aesthetics and functionality also matters a lot as consumers would naturally shy away from a website that is improperly laid out or difficult to navigate. We can help you make your website welcoming and convert wandering visitors into brand loyalists.

  • Google analytics consulting

Google analytics provides a valuable stream of data that should be fundamental to shaping your marketing strategies. Unfortunately, a good number of website owners do not know what to do with this data. Our internet marketing consultants do not just know something about Google analytics. They boast an in-depth knowledge of what to do with the wealth of data it provides and they are adept at converting what may seem like random, indiscernible graphs to you into massive leads for your business. Our capability in this field is among the many things that sets our internet marketing consulting apart. We would provide a detailed report explaining the meaning and implication of each figure, each stream of numbers, each heat map, and each graph. From this report, we would chart a growth path for your company and if you leave the job to us, we would help implement the recommendations.

  • Search Engine Optimization

For us, SEO is more than just an item on our list of capabilities. We have a full department that is dedicated to optimizing your website to appear at the front page of search engine queries for relevant keywords. Our dedicated internet marketing SEO consultants have been in the game for as long as SEO has been around and we have full knowledge of all the tricks and tips involved. There is no need to emphasize the importance of SEO to your business. We bet you would have heard that times and again. But we can help you dispel any shred of doubt you may harbor by bringing the much-discussed impacts of SEO alive on your business website. Our strategies are 100% white-hat and you can trust us to always deliver the best for your business.

Perhaps you have inadvertently violated one of Google’s terms and conditions. Or you hired one of those service providers that promise to drive millions of visitors to your website within a day or give you quality backlinks at a ridiculous price. Often, those schemes employ methods that are against Google’s stipulated T and Cs. You may not even know that your site is already on Google’s blacklist. All you would notice may be nothing more than a sudden and significant drop in traffic to your website. Our internet marketing experts would help you diagnose the exact cause of the problem and work on fixing it. To be honest, this may take a while depending on the nature of the penalty. But you must understand that a Google penalty is synonymous to removing your products from the display section of all stores. It would be almost impossible for customers to notice your business. We would work hard to get your website off that blacklist and work on getting you back to the front page.

Beyond search engine optimization and related organic methods, there are other ways through which you can increase traffic to your website and grow your online sales. One of those methods is paid advertising and Google AdWords has served many businesses greatly. The good thing about AdWords is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. But there are many simple albeit important tricks that people miss when setting up an Adwords page. You might have already invested a lot on paid advertisements but you still have nothing to show for it. Our firm has all the requisite knowledge and experience to help you run your ads and achieve sizeable returns on your investment. The ads would be directed to your target audience and your business would appear precisely when they need your services.

With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is unarguably the most popular social media platform. Asides the fun part of Facebook, a lot of entrepreneurs use it to project their business to the world. Facebook and other social media platforms remain a reliable source of traffic for many business websites. A comprehensive social media management plan can generate unpaid traffic for your business via Facebook but the truth remains that nothing beats the power of paid ads. With paid Facebook advertisements, you can specifically target a selected audience and get your message to them effectively. But not everyone knows how to go about this. Our professional internet marketers are ready to help you harness the power of Facebook ads to promote your business. You would be spending as little as possible but still record a more than impressive increase in sales.

Let’s be your partners in progress

At our internet marketing consulting firm, we believe in the power of repeat clients and recommendations. That is why we always strive to deliver on all our promises and give you a reason to come back. More often than not, internet marketing is a continuous process. As your business expands, your needs would also expand. We would love to be your trusted partner and you can call upon us anytime you need us.