Google AdWords ads appear at the top of a Google search. Targeted and relevant keywords when entered by a potential customer, will bring your website to that top spot. We can help you create profitable google adwords campaigns for you.

Pay Per Click advertising has become the most reliable means of advertising your business in this age. You notice an instant increase in traffic to your website because it places you right at the top of searches. Of all the available PPC advertising options, Google AdWords is by far the most effective. To put that into some perspective, Google accounts for about 65% of all search engine queries in the United States. Investing in Google AdWords places your site right before the people that search for the keywords related to your services. But getting this right goes beyond simply applying and paying for AdWords. There’s a lot of technical details involved and numerous rules that must not be breached. This is why you need a professional and we are ready to offer our services and facilitate the growth of your business. 

Starting from the scratch or campaign overhaul

If you are just about to start your Google AdWords campaign, then you have definitely come to the right place. Our experts are ready to provide a breakdown of the requirements, what we offer, the results you can expect from the campaign and the cost implication. Our consultation is free and we are ready to listen to your queries about Google AdWords. If you already started the campaign but have not experienced much joy, we are able and willing to revamp the campaign for you. We analyze your current campaign and point out what you are not doing right. Moving forward, we make moves to right all the wrongs and you would start seeing visible results within a short period of time. We offer comprehensive AdWord campaign management, right from creation, to management and optimization.

Adding the Professional touch

You would be wasting a lot of money if you go blindly into Google AdWords campaign. Worse still, you might discover this very late. We have had many clients come back to us with complaints of how Google AdWords is ineffectual. Some have even completely lost belief in its use an advertising medium. But make no mistake, millions of businesses have invested in AdWords and reap the rewards daily. The clients began to testify about the changes a few weeks after we added our professional touch to their Ads campaign. You do not have to go through all these. You can follow the easy way out by coming to use first. Our experts are ever ready to invest their knowledge and wealth of experience in your business. We manage your Google Adwords campaign and deliver leads and sales. You would get a massive return on your investment in no time at all.

Extensive Keyword Research

Perhaps the most important element of a Google AdWords campaign is keyword research. Unfortunately, this is where most business owners also get it wrong. Keyword research goes beyond simply getting a list of the most searched keywords in your niche. A lot of work would still go into determining the right combinations of keywords to bid for. Bidding for high volume keywords could prove a waste in the long run. We conduct our research extensively and map out a balanced strategy that would favor your business. Combining appearances on Google pages and a high number of low-volume keywords gives the best results and we are adept at doing just that.

Monthly reporting

Asides the noticeable increase in traffic to your website and leads, we would deliver a comprehensive monthly report on the progress of your Google AdWords campaign. We let you in on important details such as impressions, clicks, and conversions and concisely explain how they affect your business. we are ready to answer questions that may arise from the delivered report and offer advice on the best way to proceed, moving on.

Landing page design and development

The landing page is another important element of any Google AdWords campaign. It is the first medium of contact your potential customers have with you so it would do your business a lot of good to invest in a well designed and structured landing page. Our design and development experts are ready to help with this and we offer valuable tips that would give you a highly converting landing page. Get in touch with us today and you would be glad you did. 

Monitoring the competition

You could reap a lot of rewards by taking a peek into how your competitors are going about their Google AdWords campaign. Our experts cover this base for your and draw lessons from their research. We do not exactly replicate what your competitors are up to because that won’t make you better than them. We only make research about their bids, spend and landing pages and see how we can adapt their strategies to make your own campaign better.