Partner With Us

If you're an agent, consultant or a company with access to a large number of clients that needs SEO, SMM, PPC, link building, web design, web development or anything related to online marketing and design/development, do good to contact us, and you'll be immensely rewarded.

Why partner with Webygeeks?

  • Providing excellent digital marketing solutions for your client transposes to exceptional services with exceptional results that only we can offer.
  • With us handling your clients need, you'd have no cause for alarm, since you're rest assured your clients are in safe hands.
  • When you refer a client to us, you will earn a commission on all clients you refer to us.
  • We organize workshops and seminars for our partners; you can also benefit from these educative and empowering goodies when you partner with us.

In a world where technology has taken over virtually all aspects of the business world, you need a reliable technical partner to ensure your relevance in your industry is preserved. The increasing focus of the giants of the corporate world on the local markets does not help much either. To ensure your business continue to soar even in the seemingly challenging times, we are ready and willing to be your partner in progress. So much depends on technology these days and working with a firm such as ours gives you the rest of mind that you have got that aspect covered.

Increase your visibility across broad

You might be buzzing with ideas about the dazzling range of products and services you can offer your clients to make their lives better. But how do you get them to know about your ideas if you can’t get the word out to them? Our digital marketing firm employs a multifaceted approach, combining different elements such as local SEO services, general search engine optimization, responsive web design, social media marketing, content marketing etc to ensure potential customers are always aware of your products and services. With this multifaceted approach, locating your business has never been easier. You can then place full focus on improving your products and service delivery while you leave the marketing to us.

Partner focus

We pay special attention to small businesses and hope to partner with many upcoming entrepreneurs. There is no faster way to go about growing a business these days than tapping into the benefits the internet brings. We are highly skilled and experienced at this. All you need do is work on your product or service delivery. As long as you deliver top-notch products are services, there is no limit to what we can achieve together. This is not to say we are unwilling to partner with large businesses. Our offer for partnership extends across the board and we can help you consolidate your current position in the global market and even help conquer more territories. We treat all our partners as special and you can rest assured we’ll always keep our own end of the bargain.  

Partnership categories

Our door of partnership is open to businesses across all industries. As long as you’re operating a business with an online presence, there is so much we stand to gain from each other. We understand that the needs of different businesses would vary. This is why we always treat each partner as unique. The uniqueness of each partnership also makes it imperative that the mode of compensation and benefits derived would be different. You can be sure we’ll both arrive at a deal that favors both parties. Our firm is open to various types of partnerships but most partnership deals tend to fall under the following categories

  • Promotion partners

We see each other as partners in publicity. The partnership agreement would involve paid promotions, cross-promotion, cosponsorship and related activities that are jeered towards projecting each other to a wider audience.

  • Referral partners

We would work with each other to refer clients to one another. Your clients would be guaranteed top-notch services and you would be getting a reward for each client referred.

  • White-label partners

As a white-label partner, we would give you the free reign to offer our wide range of services to your clients and our dedicated workers would be in charge of handling the fulfillment.

What you stand to gain

  • Wider publicity

We are capable of projecting you to a wider audience and you can also benefit from our impressive clientele

  • Regular updates

The world of digital marketing is fast-evolving and you need to be aware of updates if you want to stay ahead. As a partner, we promise to make you aware of any important update that would have an impact on your online presence.

  • More revenue

Partnering with us gives you the potential to earn more from cross promotions, referral bonuses or sponsorship fees.

  • Expand your services

You have the opportunity to grow your business by listing our services under your offerings. Our professionals would be glad to handle the project and we would work on a billing method that’ll favor both parties.

Getting started

The first step is to reach out to us and we’ll be glad to respond to your inquiries. We can come together to discuss the available options and what we stand to gain from each other. If everything goes according to the script, you would be having a formidable digital marketing giant as a partner in no time at all. Reach out today, we would be glad to have you.