Every industry has its own differentiating factor, at Webygeeks; we utilize these factors, leverage on these factors to the company's advantage to attain your business goals, thus, making your brand outshine other brands in the same industry.

We've been in the digital marketing domain for years, during these years; we've assisted startups and multi-million dollar companies from every sector raise their brands to a particular independent standard. No matter the niche, no matter the scope of business, we're always here to help you. Webygeeks digital marketing company is experienced in working with B2B and B2C companies. We've proved ourselves times, and over again, we're willing to take on more diverse and new industry, such as the crypto-currency industry or AI. We've written contents, designed websites and devised SEO techniques and strategies for brands to achieve optimal results and seamless user experience in the following niches/industry.


Yeah we admit, as a plumber, why the heck do you need an SEO service, but you're wrong, no matter the kind of job you do, no matter how menial, an excellent SEO service is critical to your business, and you need it, it’s what would help people find your service, especially in this digital era. SEO makes it possible for Google visitors who are looking for a plumber to find your plumbing firm first amongst other option. If you're a plumber, and you've not been getting enough sales, or prospects haven't been calling you, then there is an issue, and the lack of SEO in your business might be that tiny issue.

From having a website to PPC to social media promotion and lots more, there are lots of ways to increase or promote your plumbing services to the world.
A website for your plumbing services. You want to know why a site is your most valuable asset and not the hacksaw or adhesives. Well, your website speaks for you, it tells the clients about you, it makes your clients have a feel of your services, the pipes and valves aren't going to do all of that.
At Webygeeks, we've got a cost-effective, fast and efficient team of website designers that are ready to listen to your input and mold a website for you that will outshine the rest of your competitors in the industry.

Why plumbing SEO is important?
How do you ensure your answer is found online when clients or prospects head to google to ask about plumbing troubleshoot or how to fix a broken pipe?
Provided plumbing SEO is concerned, Webygeeks will leverage on the power of unique content creation and keyword research, to place your content rightly on the pages of google search, such that your contents/material make it to the 1st screen display when Google gives feedback to these search of plumbing queries. 

Importance of local SEO for plumbers
Let’s imagine its 2.00am and an old granny’s pipe got busted, she heads to google to find plumbers close to her vicinity, and in the search results, your company was nowhere to be seen, can you imagine that? This sort of condition happens to plumbers who aren't making good use of local SEO, by optimizing your contents, improving the quality of your contents, we'd help you get your website at the #1 spot of relevant Google search. We'd help you get more customers for your plumbing business. Let’s not sweep social media for plumbing business under the carpet. In this era, it’s unheard of, to run a successful online brand without having at least one social media account. At Webygeeks, we'd help you maintain and manage your social media handles, so you could focus on more pressing matters "servicing your clients."

Why choose us for your plumbing SEO services?
Talk about digital marketing for plumbers; no one does it like Webygeeks digital marketing consulting services; we're your #1 go-to source.
Trusted and tested, experienced and reliable, we'd listen to your concerns and your needs; we'd help you build an online presence that will boost your business and ensure it succeeds.

Digital marketing for legal systems and law firms
Today in the legal system, there's a scramble for clients, as such, there's much importance for digital presence, as this would cut through the noise and get your message out to dozens of clients. We have the expertise and manpower to help your law firm or chamber succeed in the online sphere.
We've got the necessary tools and techniques needed to drive tons of visitors to your website; we'd send tons of prospects to your social media account and directory listing, if you so wish, we can help manage your online accounts and convert these leads to loyal clients.

Why a website is important for your chambers?
A website would help you project that image you want people to see when they think of your law firm.
If you're good at what you do, if you're a professional law firm, if your team is of experienced personnel(s), the last thing you'd want for your firm is an outdated website or dull social media page, as having this would project a wrong image of your firm to visitors. We have a handful of experienced website developers and website designers that will work based on your instructions, to build and deliver an alluring legal website for your firm, a captivating site that you'd be proud to show off to your prospects, a very responsive website. All we care about is making you happy, and we're passionate about collaborating with you and your team to achieve your business aims and objectives. We'd build an astonishing website that will serve your firm for a dozen of years to come.

Why your law firm needs SEO?
It happens this way; I’m in deep shit, caught up in some mess, I run to Google to find an attorney or law firm close to my proximity, amongst the search queries on Google and other search engines, your law firm was nowhere to be found. You know what this means? It means you're losing out to your competitors who've made good use of SEO in their online marketing; we can help you beat your competitors in this game. We have a bunch of SEO drunk experts who will do in-depth research on Legal long-tail keywords, and these experts will do their possible best to ensure your firm ranks for those Legal keywords.
How does our SEO expert achieve this? We'd rank your firm for those Legal keywords through quality link building, SMM, content creation and many more.
Our priority is to see prospects rush to your website and retain at least 1/3 of those prospects.

Why you can’t ignore local SEO?
As a legal practitioner, it’s not new that most of the clients you'd be getting are those who stay in your locality; this is the primary reason why showing in local Search and queries are a must for you. That being said, at Webygeeks, we'd help you optimize your website such that you'd show up almost everywhere when search results for law firms in your locality are shown to web visitors. Local Legal SEO Experts at Webygeeks will help your law firm pop up in local directories like Yelp, Google +, Bing places and yahoo local, all these and more will result to traffic increase to your website, and you know what this means right? Of course, more sales!

Legal pay-per-click marketing
To stay effective online, you shouldn't place all your online marketing eggs into one basket, relying solely on organic traffic for revenue increment is not the way to go. You should never ignore the benefits of utilizing paid web traffic through PPC "pay-per-click," PPC is another effective medium of drawing prospects to your website.
We'd help you design a powerful legal PPC campaign that's guaranteed to target relevant keywords at low-cost, driving quality, consistent, and qualified prospects to your website every day.

If you're keen on taking your firms digital marketing to the next horizon, don’t hesitate to partner with our team to help you achieve this aim.
We'd work with you in every step of the project, update you regularly, share new ideas with you and we'd devise an affordable campaign that will fit your budget.
As you can see, our track record across major industries proves us worthy of manning your digital marketing campaigns; our passion is harnessing our experience in Internet-related matters to forge an unparalleled online empire for your brand, to grow your firms business.

The healthcare industry
We do understand that when you work in or own a health care center, the last thing on your mind is managing or investing in digital marketing, you'd rather spend most of your time attending to patients. However, what you've failed to realize is this, in today’s marketplace, be it healthcare sector or automobile, if your online presence is not authoritative or commanding, then you're toast. For you to attract new patients and stay profitable in your industry, I’d advice you take digital marketing very seriously.

Today, when a patient or guardian to patients are doing health research about the ailment of the sick person with them, the first place these people sort to is the internet, search engines to be precise, how to cure acne, how to treat sore throat, you see lots of queries like this don’t you?
It’s important more than ever for your health center to be visible on a search engine, prominent social platforms and of course, local directories.
Trust we have the necessary tools and techniques to drive visitors to your website; we also have the online persuasiveness to lock these prospects and convert them to customers, loyal one at that.

Why we believe you need a website for your health center?
In the online marketplace, you've got only a split second to win the heart of a customer, with an outdated or non-user friendly website, the purpose of gaining a clients heart have been defeated. A slow, lagging and ugly website will have negative impacts on your business.
In the digital sphere, your competitor’s business store is just a click away; if there's anything you need, it’s a fast, engaging, compelling, easy-to-navigate and attractive website that makes one want to call to schedule an appointment. We have competent website developers at our stables that are willing to work with you to build a befitting website for your health center or clinic, a site that will represent the true identity of your clinic in the best possible way. Trust our website development gurus to design a website that will open across all devices, PC, Smartphone, and tablets. This feature is an added advantage for you to partner with us since a lot of individuals are joining the mobile phone bandwagon to search for clinics and health providers.

Why your clinic needs SEO?
According to a Google-think study, which was conducted not so long ago, it was deduced that Google and other search engine giants drove as much visitors to clinics and health centers than any other online source. If your clinic or health center isn’t visible on Google’s front page or other search engines front page, then you're missing out on getting clients, and this is detrimental to the profitability of your business. Our SEO personnel(s) will supply your clinic with keywords and website content that's highly informative and optimized for Google, thus, allowing your clinic's website to rank prominently on search engine listings. What the above does is an increment in brand awareness and traffic re-direction, from where ever to your website.

Local SEO for your clinic
As expected, most of the patients that are in your clinic's bed are people who stay around your geographical zone, unless, of course, those that were transferred as a result of critical health issues which only your clinic or health center has a solution for such person ailment. Can you see why it’s essential for your clinic to show up in local directories, search engines, and customer review sites? More and more people are leveraging on the power of the internet to seek solutions for health problems, and where they can lodge their health complains, here, at Webygeeks, we've got able bodies that are more than ready to ensure your website's visibility across all digital media is a conclusion.

We recommend social media marketing for your clinic
These days, consumer’s buying-behavior is being influenced by social media. According to a research recently conducted by Cambridge’s analytics, we're able to come to a conclusion that 70% of patients chose to receive treatments from a particular clinic or hospital based on the information and commendable reviews they've seen about that clinic on the internet, which more often than not happens to be social media. Let our social media experts assist your clinic in managing your social media accounts professionally, while you focus on other productive and delicate aspects of running the clinic. Let’s handle your healthcare digital marketing needs, the stats speaks for us.

Marketing in the healthcare sector is rapidly evolving, at Webygeeks, we've noticed that for long, that's why as the industry keeps bending to the will of the internet, we, in turn, update our experience and knowledge so we won’t be left out in the dark. Our teams of experienced and reliable personnel(s) are always ready to assist you in developing an effective market strategy that will strengthen your brand's online presence, and boost your revenue as a result of an effective marketing campaign.

Digital marketing for credit union

Let Webygeeks help you win more members. If you work in the banking sector, then it's not news to you that it’s essential to engage and attract clients online. Seniors are using the internet to search for a legitimate and robust credit union they can pour their hard earned cash into. Wise credit unions have keyed into the benefits of increasing their online visibility by using the services of competent digital service providers, so what are you waiting for, why not reach out to Webygeeks to help you increase your credit unions online visibility to attract new clients. If you're serious about staying profitable in the industry, then it’s high time you invest heavily in digital marketing which comprises of social media marketing, low-cost pay per click campaigns, professional-looking website, search engine optimized contents and of course a killer digital marketing plan.

Let’s develop a catchy website for your credit union
Of course, if you're looking at retaining and attracting new customers to join your credit union, you'd have to get yourself a responsive and user-friendly website.
A website that is going to open well on mobile devices, this is more than essential and can't be overlooked because a majority of people now carry out banking activities on their mobile devices, talk more of e-banking. Here at Webygeeks, we've got the team that can help you build this website in question, a site that will stand out amongst that of other competitors, a website that will stand as a vital hub for your brand now and years to come.

Why SEO is good for credit union
Where we've got "big-shot" banks scrambling for clients on the internet, tell me, how then would a credit union stand a chance?
Research has it that 70% of a website's visitors are as a result of an organic search; as a result, it’s important to use everything in your power to see your website link or page appear amongst other recommended brands in the front page of prominent search engines. Our men will help map out the best possible keywords to target for your brand, after this, our team will draft a unique and optimized content that's aimed at matching those keywords, this unique contents created by our experts will show up as prospects seek information relating to credit union, thus, re-directing these prospects to your website. At Webygeeks, we'd increase your brand awareness and increase the quality of your traffic.

We need to infuse local SEO into our plan
If you want to retain existing members and lure fresh members to your credit union, one sure way of doing that is utilizing local SEO to its fullest. Credit union thrives by trust, odds are your members, or prospective members are those that stay in your geographical location. A lot of people prefer to join a credit union closer to them to keep tabs on such credit union to avoid stories that hurt. Geographical targeting with Bing, Google, yahoo local, Google map and many other will help prospects find you faster, customer reviews will convince prospects why you're the most viable option.

Pay-per-click marketing for your credit union
Nothing works better than a paid system of marketing, although not free, PPC is an effective way of getting visitors to knock on your door requesting to buy a membership slot in your credit union business. PPC could be expensive for inexperienced digital marketing managers; however, here in our firm, we've mastered the arts of PPC for all industries, such that instead of paying exorbitantly, we'd ensure we fine-tune your PPC to be as cost-effective as possible. More than half of the US's ads expenditure is incurred to google, that's how big PPC is, and it's only so because its working and result-yielding. PPC will boost your traffic resulting in revenue increment and brand awareness.

Social media marketing for your credit union
In today’s world, social media marketing is another effective method to drive traffic and boost sales. FaceBook and Instagram have won the hearts of individuals; people spend twice much time on the aforementioned than television. Leveraging on the benefits of these platforms is a sure way to build your brand and reach out to fresh customers while keeping existing customers updated. Our agile social media experts will help build your social media audience and spread a sales-convincing message about your credit union on significant platforms like Google+, Facebook, twitter, pin-interest, IG, and YouTube.  Let’s fetch your union some loyal members
Do you like what you've read, why don’t you give us a call and hand your digital marketing problems for us to solve, trusted, tested, reliable and experienced, we will handle all your digital marketing needs with alacrity. We'd tailor a marketing plan that fits your brand and mission, strengthening your online presence such that your credit unions image will be held up high for years to come.

Digital marketing solution for community banks
If your lending institution or bank is lacking in online presence, then you're missing out on a new business module at the same time losing lots of money in revenue.
You might feel you've reached the peak of your profits with the help of simple digital marketing campaigns, but have you thought of how "much more “benefits you can make with other digital marketing strategies such as boosting your online presence and increasing lead generation rates? By partnering with a team of experienced banking digital marketing consultants, achieving these objectives tend to be a piece of cake. As technology evolves, so does your bank gets left in the dark, trust the team of highly dispensable banking digital marketing experts at Webygeeks to help take your business to a new level.

Website for your community bank
Operating a community bank is complex to its owners and more complex to visitors or prospects, having a website will unambiguously dispense information about products and services to prospects. It’s essential to have a working and updated site to market your services to locals effectively.
Webygeeks offers an array of web design services, each tailored to build an exquisite and unparalleled website based on your specification and requirements.
Our custom built website is designed to fetch you, new customers while retaining existing customers.

SEO for community banks
Banking institutions are fully aware of the amount of struggle it takes to land a client when it comes to the banking sector, there’re a lot of competitors even in one's locality, with this, it’s tough for one to stand out of other banking institutions. However, when SEO strategies are appropriately implemented alongside building a robust website that will rank on the first page of a search result, there's no way your banking institution wouldn't generate more business and expand membership base. Our teams of reliable banking digital marketing experts are readily available to help your website generate fresh traffics with our result-yielding techniques.

Local SEO for your community bank
For any community bank to grow exponentially, local SEO is a must-do, by leveraging on the power of local SEO technique, a community banks name, website, product and services will be visible in the right area and to the right audience. Timing is the key to active lead generation, and online marketing now is the right time for you to utilize local SEO. We will help you submit your community’s bank name in local directories such as Yelp, BBB, Angie's list and lots more for optimal visibility.

PPC marketing for community banks
Online marketing works just like the traditional "yellow pages," albeit better. By publishing your bank's name, and setting your link to target relevant keywords, your bank's name will be visible to prospects and clients alike, leading to an increased rate of site visitors, and foot visitors to maintain an account in your bank.
Our team is best displaced to create effective PPC ads and campaigns to target your offerings and services. When it comes to any issue relating to banking marketing services, our teams of highly specialized banking online marketing experts at Webygeeks are going to help you get your bank found, creating awareness for people to know that you exist, telling them what you do and why you're the best at what you do.

SMM for community bank
For you to get your community’s bank name out there, it’s a must to create and maintain a strong social media presence.
In addition to us helping you interact with audiences and locals, we will help you post ads on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. We deliver results, what are you waiting for, punch the care line and book a schedule. You know something isn’t right, you know you should be making more sales, you know your community bank lacks some vital touch in your digital marketing campaigns. However, you're not quite sure where. At Webygeeks, we'd help you audit your campaigns; give you reports on what you're doing right and what you aren’t. Don’t hesitate to reach out; our digital marketing consultants are ready to speak with you today, we want to learn more about your community bank and your online marketing goals, we want to help you achieve and maintain those needs and grow your business in this unstable digital marketplace.

Digital marketing for construction companies
Construction companies are apt at what they do, from designing, building, crafting, recreating something out of nothing, why?
However, managing the marketing aspects of the company is a monotonous task for even the best construction companies around the globe, why? They've not just got that time. This is the primary reason why construction companies reach to digital marketing firms to help them promote and manage their brand in the most innovative way. Construction companies need to have a website. A construction company should have a robust site.

There’s something universal about construction companies websites; you'd always find their portfolios and client’s testimonials, this is to tell you that as a construction company, choosing an elegant site that will portray your accomplishments is very crucial to your business, these are what prospects see that makes them pick you.  A construction company should have a robust and stunning website that will showcase a lot of preceding completed projects.
Our firm has able bodies of web design experts that will design and develop responsive websites for your construction company, proven to bring result.

SEO for Construction Company
Construction companies know that they are in a fierce competition with other construction companies in the industry, because these opposition companies are in the same vicinity as they are, however, with the right digital marketing plan from a reliable digital marketing consulting firm, your website can be promoted in a effective way to outshine and dust your competitors. Implementing strategic digital marketing modules is the best way to ensure that your brand is found online.
Working with our team at Webygeeks is a guarantee that your website will be found on the first page of search engines.

Local SEO for construction companies
A construction company cannot properly grow without considering local SEO, by infusing local SEO techniques into your digital marketing plan makes it possible for your construction company’s name, product, and services to be visible to the right audience, at the right time and in the right place/area.
We'll help your construction company to draft a killer profile bio and post it on local business pages like Houzz, home advisor, Google places and much more.

PPC for your construction company
PPC is an online marketing technique that drives visitors to a website as a result of an organic search, the downside for inexperienced PPC campaign managers is that PPC is quite complicated and very expensive if one doesn’t know his onion. By working with us, you're assured to get a healthy ROI on your digital ads; we'd also market these ads for you in the right places. Our teams have mastered the arts of creating ads copy with focus keywords relevant to your construction company’s services. We're your sure bet for digital marketing for construction companies.

SMM for Construction Company
Keeping up with trends, social news and finding relevant places to drop a comment or tip that shows people you're an experienced construction company can be time-wasting and futile. We will manage your social media accounts and see to it that your customers and target audiences are actively engaged on major social platforms across the globe. Engaging your customers not only protects your online reputation, but it also boosts website traffic, generating enough leads to your website and converting those leads. Partner with us and let’s bring you impressive results. Agreed, Digital marketing is expensive and complicated, but with us, there is always an online market plan in place for you, a plan that's not only affordable but guaranteed to drive impressive results. Contact our team now to learn how we can assist you in taking your construction company to the next level.

Arts and entertainment industry

It’s necessary that your e-commerce store has a strategic and agile online marketing manager. We’d assist you in promoting your business through aggressive shopping ads campaigns and social media campaigns to build traffic and awareness. Choose from our list of services to compel and draw customers to your portal or store.

Educational institution
To attract a seamless inflow of student enrollment, you'd have to tender the superiority and uniqueness of the quality of education that you render. Our brand building experts will portray your brand as a trusted institution; we will showcase your core values to the world, we'll tell the world the kind of quality, the unparalleled and unrivaled education that you offer students. We'd share your alumni success stories, events, and extracurricular activities.  We will boost your enrollment rate through our lead generation and online traffic building services.

Startups and mushroom industries
We help startups, and mushroom companies come up with marketing strategies that will enable them to secure a foothold in the online space.
We offer go-to-market and expedient market solutions for startups. Choose our services for your company to promote your services and products online in the most efficient manner.

Some other industries that we are serving are:

  • Dance & Sports Clubs
  • Hair Salons
  • Real Estate
  • Non-Profit
  • Academics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Software and Technology
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting and Financial
  • Franchises
  • Insurance
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Travel
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Arts & Education
  • Government
  • Religious
  • Retail
  • Restaurant/Resorts/Hotels
  • Automobile
  • Airports