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We are a top web design company and we have an unwavering commitment towards providing the best service for our esteemed clients. There is hardly any need to stress the importance of having a strong online presence to business growth any longer. As an upcoming or established entrepreneur, you would already know that harnessing the immense potentials of the internet is the key to accelerating the growth of your business or consolidating its position at the top. The first and probably the most important step towards securing a strong online presence is getting a website for your company. But any website would not do the trick here. In this age of stiff competition, there is a growing need to make your brand unique. We have experienced professionals that are highly creative and we also pay attention to the minutest details. We are the best web design company around and we know the kind of website that would take your business to the next level. We would give you a business website that is unlike any other. Our web design agency guarantees websites with top-notch aesthetics as well as functionality.

Getting you ahead of the competition

There is a good chance your niche is already saturated and there are about a thousand and one different companies that provide the same service or sell the same products as your company. But this doesn’t mean you cannot break into the market. It only means you have to be deliberate with your attempt to be unique. Your website is synonymous with your physical store. It is where you display your wares for people to see and pick their choice. There is definitely no better place to initiate your attempts to be unique. Our web design and development company can give you a website that is unlike any other you’ve seen. In a world where templates are fast becoming the order of the day, your website would be a breath of fresh air. You can be sure your visitors would be hooked by the quality of the website we would build for your business.

Custom Web Design

There are over 1.8 billion websites on the internet today. Yes, you read that right! The internet is indeed one very big village. What you should be more concerned about is that thousands of website spring up on a daily basis. See why you can’t afford to have a website like any other person’s? Our web design company specializes in designing unique websites that would be specially built for you. We do not make use of templates. Rather, we observe your niche carefully and listen attentively to your needs. We combine this knowledge with the creativity of our web design team and we come up with magic. Our professional web designers are versatile and they have knowledge that spans across all the web development platforms. No matter the platform you want your website built for you, we have experts that are capable of handling it. If you do not have any preference, we would combine our experience in your industry with your business goals and make a decision for you. We are the best web design company around and we can assure you we’ll make your website stand-out in the truly large internet space.

 Responsive website

Laying content out on a mobile device is a different ball game from laying it out on the big screen. But, the majority of web surfing in this age is carried out on mobile devices. You sure would not want your business to miss out on such a huge market share. Our website design company understands this and we know what it takes to build a website that runs seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. Our professional website designers have built countless responsive websites that would adjust to the visitor's screen size. In fact, that is all we build because we believe there is no point having a website that cannot be accessed on the go. Furthermore, the responsive property of websites also has an effect on SEO. If your website takes more time than necessary to load when accessed with smartphones and other mobile devices, search engine algorithms could pick this up as a hitch. Consequently, the ranking of your website could drop and your website would no longer appear in the front page when queries for relevant keywords are initiated. Rest assured, your users would be getting the same awesome visiting experience irrespective of the size of their viewing device.

Custom website applications

We strongly believe your business goals and your strategy are unique. So, you should be able to determine the software you want to use to run it. If you are frustrated with all the options available to you, we totally understand and we are willing to build your own applications for you. Our web design company has a track record of creating easy to use web applications that are built to suit the needs of the client. We listen carefully to your requirements and also chip in our own inputs to create a framework for the application. The professional web designers at our company then get to work to bring your dreams to reality. We have created custom web applications for customer relationship management, custom built e-commerce software, applications for business process automation etc. the feedback from our clients have been nothing short of positive and we would be glad to have you on our growing list of extremely pleased clients.

Custom database programming

Our custom database programming expertise is part of what makes us the best web design company around. We offer custom built single or multi-user solutions as well as integration with SQL Server databases. We have worked with numerous businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, e-commerce, and many other industries. We recognize the importance of a large pool of accurate data to making informed business decisions and we are ready to walk the walk with you. We specialize in services such as database design and development, data migration services, debugging and repair, data analytics, integration services etc. Our services are tested and trusted and you can be sure you’ll be getting the premium treatment.

E-commerce Websites

Our e-commerce solutions are second to none and we have a dedicated group offering e-commerce services to our esteemed clients. Whether you desire a Business to Consumer or Business to Business platform, we are aware of the nitty-gritty and we are ready to bring our expertise to the table for you.

Custom WordPress Websites

We need not repeat that WordPress is the most popular CMS platform today. No other platform comes close, in fact. Among other advantages, WordPress offers an unmatched ease of use, a built-in blog, wonderful community support, and you would have full control of your website. Furthermore, Google and other search engines tend to favor Wordpress websites do you would be having a valuable head-start regarding the search engine optimization for your website. You must have a valid reason if your website is not built on the WordPress platform. If you are looking to build a new website or looking to migrate to the winning platform, look no further than our top-notch WordPress solutions. Our experts are ready to go out of the way for you and build custom WordPress websites that would be just perfect for your business. Contact us today and you would be glad you did.

SEO website design

Search engines are continually improving their algorithms for ranking websites. If you still think search engine optimization is all about content and backlinks, you couldn’t be more wrong. SEO starts with the website design stage and you need trusted professionals to help you handle that. The website details greatly influence important SEO metrics such as loading time, time on site, responsiveness, and visibility. The footprint for a smooth SEO journey is stamped at the website design stage and if you employ our professional website designers, you can rest in the knowledge that they have taken care of everything. Our designers understand how every aspect of the design affects SEO and every code written takes this into account. We would give your business website a solid foundation and subsequent SEO efforts would only require erecting the building.

Website redesign

You may already have a business website but it is coming short of your expectations. Or perhaps, you contracted the task to another company and you are not quite pleased with what you got. You do not need to start again from the scratch. We would listen to your complaints and our professional designers would modify your website as per your request. If you do not know what exactly is wrong, our web designers can help you diagnose the problem and let you know the aspects of your website that need to be optimized. As usual, you can trust us for a perfect job that would suit your business needs.

Shopify website design

Your e-commerce store speaks a lot about your business, and you cannot afford to take the aesthetics and functionality lightly. Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce website design and while the platform allows you to build a store on your own, you should not try that option if you want the perfect e-commerce store for your online business. There are numerous frontend and backend programming that goes into building an empire on the Shopify platform. You would need to hire Shopify design experts to build a custom Shopify website for your store if you want to maximize the store’s potential. Our web design company has a huge talent pool of Shopify design experts. Rest assured, you would get a website with a look and feel that would draw your visitors to make a purchase. The functionality would also be top-notch and you would have the ideal store to display your wares to visitors.

Magento web design

Magento has grown into one of the most popular open source website design platforms around. The platform is able to handle anything ranging from personal blogs to large e-commerce stores. The magneto system is also a favorite among many web developers because of its fantastic architecture, extension, community support, among other benefits. You can hardly do any wrong if you choose to build your business website on the Magento platform. But creating a great website on Magento requires in-depth technical knowledge of the workings of the platform. Our web design agency boasts a web development team that possesses this requisite knowledge and our creativity and reliability are much-needed added advantages.  

Mobile App development

More than a third of the world population already own a smartphone and the number keeps growing. For many, access to the internet is chiefly via mobile and this has led to an increased popularity of mobile apps. A mobile app could help you widen your reach and create additional value for your online business. Moreover, many customers find mobile apps more convenient. Thus, having a mobile app fosters brand loyalty. We are the best web design company around and we have expert mobile app developers that would help you handle all your mobile app development concerns. We create mobile apps that would be featured on the Google and Apple app stores. With all the inherent benefits of having a mobile app, this is an opportunity that is too good to pass on.

Our approach to website design projects

As a professional web design agency, we have developed a systematic approach to our projects. This  Although our approach would ultimately depend on the unique needs of your business, we have developed the basic framework to ensure we are thorough with our work and we do not leave anything to chance. Below is our systematic approach to web design projects right from the point where you hire us to the point where we deliver your quality project after the agreed time.

  • The discovery phase

It doesn’t matter if the project is a major or minor one. The first thing we do at Webygeeks is getting to know our client. We consider this phase invaluable and it shapes future decisions regarding the project. Our teams that would be executing the project would get to interview the client, ask the relevant questions and come up with a strategy that would align with the client’s needs and business goals. We would also agree on a suitable timeline for the project at this stage.

  • Planning and layout

Once we establish a clear direction for the project, the next phase at our web design and development company is the user experience phase. Here we establish a layout for the website and we also decide the features and functionalities to incorporate. This is where the blueprint of the project is basically designed.

  • Design stage

The plans, layout, and blueprints come to life with the magical touch of our creative website designers. This is where we give your website an irresistible aesthetic appeal with a charming combination of color, fonts, and designs. The bulk of work comes in at this stage but it is a challenge our designers would always relish.

  • Back-end development

This is the stage where all the desired functionalities is given to your website. Website responsiveness is guaranteed at this stage and the content management system of your choice is also customized to ease adding, editing, and deleting content on your business website. If it is an e-commerce website, features such as payment methods and other plugins are incorporated at this stage.

  • Testing

Before we hand over the keys to the website to you, we would subject it to various tests to ensure that all the incorporated functionalities are working as designed.  We would test the website under various conditions of traffic. We would also test to ensure that a speedy loading is guaranteed irrespective of the platform from which the website is accessed. The security protocol of the website is also tested and preliminary SEO assessments are made. You can trust us to carry out all the necessary quality assurance test and we would keep improving until we are satisfied with the results.

  • Website launch

After rigorous quality assurance tests, the website would be ready to go live. Even after the website launch proper, we would still monitor the functionalities to ensure the website is performing at the optimal level. We would also employ analytics tools to track key indices that could help you improve conversion rate, SEO, and overall user experience. 

We pay attention to the aesthetics

We understand the fact that functionality is naturally your priority for your business website. But the fact remains that your website online face. You need to make it look beautiful if you are to attract and keep the kind of traffic you dream of. Sometimes, it’s that aesthetically pleasing feature on your website that keeps a visitor glued to the website. At our web design agency, our professional web designers always bring their A-game to the table.  You would get a website with breathtaking aesthetics without sacrificing the functionality. We ensure you have it all and you would surely be pleased with our work.

Let’s be your partners in progress

At Webygeeks, we do not believe in one-time jobs. We understand the value of repeat clients and referrals and we always struggle to give our clients a good reason to come back or recommend us. The continually evolving nature of online businesses is another reason why you would still need us. You may need to make changes to your website due to a change in policy or a need to expand when scaling. We would love to be at your service at every step of your growth. We would never compromise on quality and you can expect juicy discounts as our relationship grows. So when you hire us, you can be sure you have a partner that is ready to stick with you at every stage of your journey.