Online shopping is very popular. If you want to draw people to your site to purchase your product, we can help by providing quality SEO keywords that align with what you sell so that customers can connect with you through searches.

The basis for success with many online companies is with the success of the organic eCommerce SEO searches that are the initial foray of online customers into finding items and services to purchase. 

Did you know that over 40% of online customers use an online search to find product.  Also, nearly 80% of all online customers click on the first listings in an organic search. 

These results mean that in order to be successful with eCommerce companies not only need a great looking website, but they also need t know how to have potential online customers find them before all others. 

How to Improve eCommerce Listings with SEO

One of the best ways to improve your listings in an organic manner is with strong SEO, and our business has an established record of having clients use SEO and finding the top listings. 

We make effective SEO a priority in the web development process.  We analyze the most current data about your industry.   Our SEO experts look to see where the trends are and where they might go.  In this manner, our efforts with your SEO will not only make you competitive today, but your website will continue being competitive tomorrow and beyond. 

How do We Achieve SEO Goals?

The perfect approach to SEO is simple, but effective.  Our company creates unique and organic advertising campaigns for your business based on a combination of our extensive SEO marketing resources and an evaluation of your business’ goals.  We use this to identify where in the marketplace you can find the most success, and together we will overcome the challenges of SEO and improve your rankings. 

Getting to Know You and Your Goals

In order to develop an effective SEO campaign, we need to start from the ground up.  We need to get to know you, and you need to get to us.  We will establish several fact-finding meetings with our clients.  We need to learn about you and your goals.  We want to learn where you think you are now, and where you want to be in the next several years and beyond.  These meetings help us learn about your customers, what they are looking for in terms of products and services, and how your business is best suited to be their primary vendor.  This develops the SEO strategy that we will employ for you.  It’s only through these meetings that we can establish the relationship that will keep us working together in the completion of your business goals. 

The Path to eCommerce Success with SEO

The days of a business simply building a website and developing traffic are over.  Due to the amount of competition online, now more than ever, websites that are successful are so because of an established SEO plan that was developed particularly for that website. 

Our SEO plan relies on several important steps to develop a comprehensive and successful eCommerce SEO strategy for our clients.  After meeting with our clients, we begin work on a strategy based on SEO optimization both on-page and off-page. 

What is On-Page Optimization?

This is the first step of effective SEO marketing practices.  We perform a complete SEO evaluation of your current website in order to assess the present rankings, where your current levels of traffic are originating from, how you perform against your main competition, and whether or not you are meeting your goals.  We examine the entire website in order to gain all the information we need to make the best SEO recommendations for improving your website.

A thorough website review allows us to implement the best SEO keywords for your industry.  We also focuses on making the website content the absolute best SEO quality.  Through this combination of keywords and content, a coordinated SEO strategy will be created that will improve a website’s returns that will be accepted by Google. 

Why Conduct Off-Site Optimization?

One of the best ways to assess your position in the online marketplace is to look at the competition and their efforts in SEO.  Where do they succeed?  Where do they fail?  Where might they improve?  These are the questions every business should ask when developing a comprehensive eCommerce SEO strategy.  If you don’t know your competition, then how do you know when you’ve succeeded?

A review of competitive websites allows us to produce the best SEO plan of action for your website in that by seeing where competitors have found success and failure, then similar steps can be taken while avoiding the same traps. 

The Creation of Backlinks

Another way websites find SEO success in eCommerce is through the creation of backlinks.  Simply put, backlinks are links from other websites that come to your website.  Websites all want to be associated with other websites that are seen as being leaders in their respective areas.  If they share audiences, websites will create these backlinks to other popular websites bringing your website increased traffic.  We are well versed in helping your website cultivate these organic, free links.

Effective Online Content for Success

If you are going to be viewed as an authority in your respective marketplace, then an emphasis needs to be placed on effective SEO content for the website.  Articles, blog posts, photos, videos all play an integral role in the development of a comprehensive eCommerce SEO strategy.  We have extensive experience in creating strong SEO content, but also guiding you in how to do it properly.  It is well proven that websites with excellent online brand content regularly perform at higher levels than those websites that do not have quality content.  Let us help you build your presentation to the potential customers. 

Effective Marketing for Success

The final step in an effective online strategy focuses on getting your message out to websites that might want to promote your website.  No website can be successful on its own, and everyone needs assistance.  We can identify websites that establishing a relationship with could bring more traffic to your site.


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Effective and successful eCommerce SEO is no longer about who has the best products, but who can do the best job selling and spreading their message to as many potential customers as possible.  We will use its proven methods of eCommerce SEO to develop your sales.  Get in touch with us today!