Why you need an SEO company?

  • August 5, 2018

Many years have been passed and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still stands tall as the leading way of promoting a website. It is a technique practiced by SEO specialists across the globe. If SEO tactics implemented impeccably, one thing is sure that your website will quickly jump to the top in the organic search results. That’s what SEO is all about.

Do not keep any doubt in your mind regarding taking the support of a reputable SEO company if you want to expand your online business and gain more customers. You will swiftly gain the attention of millions of internet users in the targeted region if your website is ranked among the leading service providers. That’s what SEO can do for you.



A detailed explanation of Search Engine Optimization:

As you know, there are many search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing are probably the most widely used search engines across the globe. These search engines use different algorithms in order to provide the users with the most relevant search results. Their job is to provide the user with the best results based on their queries. There was a time when keyword stuffing used to do wonders for the websites but things are quite changed today. Now only a website with quality content and other necessary requirements succeed in gaining the top rank.

That’s where search engine optimization plays a vital role in meeting the requirements of all the leading search engines. The primary goal of SEO is to enhance the quality and quantity of traffic on a website and provide it with a better rank in the search results. Let’s go a bit deeper and understand it better.

  • Quality of traffic:

Millions of users place different queries in the search engine every second throughout the day. Gaining all of these users should not be your goal because thus you will not get quality traffic on your website. Suppose you are selling Apple products and Google directs a user who is searching for edible apples, he will land on your website and see Apple products like Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. That visitor will immediately close the tab and move towards the next site in the search results. This kind of traffic cannot help you in generating revenue. Therefore, SEO practices are applied to provide you with visitors who are looking for products or information you provide through your website.

  • The quantity of traffic:

When you got the right visitors landing on your site, now SEO tactics are applied to enhance the quantity of the traffic. It means, now the goal would be drawing as many as possible in order to popularize your website and increase the profit in terms of increased sales and revenue from the website.

  • Organic results:

Many businesses across the globe pay to the search engines for showing their websites at the top in the search results. You can easily spot website advertised by the search engines for which they charge quite a hefty amount. SEO techniques are applied to prevent the website owner spending money over paid ads and bring the website at the top in the organic search results.

That’s how SEO works and it works really well when you need quality traffic on a long-term basis. Search engine optimization is the soul of digital marketing. Probably that’s why every digital marketing company claims to provide top-notch SEO solutions.

How does an SEO company operate?

You might now agree that SEO is quite an important practice in order to generate a good profit from the website. Hiring a few SEO experts in order to run an entire SEO campaign is probably not a feasible solution. You need a team of experts who know how to apply the updated search engine optimization techniques in order to generate positive results. You need the support of an SEO company.

Though search engine optimization is a beneficial way of boosting the organic rank of a website, many business owners still do not understand it completely. Some people think it is a simple process to rank a website, which is actually a very complex and puzzling job to do. A newly recruited digital marketing professional may take some time to understand and implement the best SEO tactics. It may cause the loss of time and money and therefore recruiting an SEO specialist is a risky deal.

Do not waste your time or money and take a decision of taking the support of a reputable SEO company. A reputable SEO agency understands what your website needs in order to step up and grab the top rank in the search results. Specialists at an SEO agency not only specialize in boosting the rank but they also help you in improving the structure and overall appeal of your website. It is their job to provide your visitors with a top-notch solution for their demands and they do it quite effectively.

What does an SEO company do?

An SEO company provides search engine optimization solutions to businesses in order to enhance their online presence. While applying the SEO solutions, the team at an SEO agency makes necessary changes to optimize the site design and content. It is quite vital in order to lure the search engines towards that website. Search engine optimization campaigns do not generate positive results within a few days. Search engines like Google take some time to learn how perfectly optimized your site is. The site gets ranked among the top-ranked websites for certain keywords and phrases which are relevant to your products or services your website is offering.

Should you trust every claim an SEO company makes?

There are many SEO companies across the globe. Many companies serve the local clients and many of them offer their support across the globe. All the SEO service providers make lucrative claims in order to lure more clients and prove their ability. Do all of them make the claims according to their true capacities and abilities? The answer is no. There are many companies that claim to take your website to the top in the search results and find more visitors. They do not provide any robust evidence to prove their claims. So, it is your job to identify the best in order to get the best possible results.

A reputable SEO company would always show affinity with your website. It will work to optimize your site in a way that they would do for their own site. Their first priority would be maximizing the return on investment. Their secondary goal would be helping your business in achieving all the goals. A reliable and experienced SEO company would spend a lot of time in testing the performance of your site and find the flaws to fix them and provide positive results.


Why should take the support of an SEO company?

There are some obvious reasons to hire a reputable SEO company if you want to gain more profit from your online business. These reasons are as follows.

  • Your search engine ranking will improve:

An SEO agency gets popular only if it provides quality support. If you have a reliable SEO service providing agency in your service, you can expect to see your website ranked higher in the search results. The SEO service providers apply the most cutting-edge website optimization techniques. They use advanced tools and tactics in order to improve the organic search rank of your site. Their main objective remains ranking your website top in Google search results. However, experienced service providers also work to boost your website’s rank in other search engines.

An SEO agency would first recognize the chances they can apply in your website in order to enhance your site’s opportunities of gaining a higher rank. It would add necessary keywords, change the content in order to improve the overall quality of the content so that your site can gain a higher rank.

  • To get high-quality traffic:

Experienced SEO service providers do not satisfy until they provide higher returns on investment. They achieve this target by directing high-quality traffic on your website. High-quality traffic is one of the main objectives that every SEO agency tries to achieve. Only an SEO agency with highly experienced specialists successfully achieves that objective. It uses keywords and phrases perfectly aligned with the services and products you offer on your website. That’s how reliable SEO companies draw quality traffic on your website.

  • To get measurable results:

Experienced SEO service providers always work to offer the clients with measurable results. SEO is quite better and different from traditional marketing techniques. You can monitor and measure the impact of the SEO during the SEO campaign. SEO experts provide their clients with a monthly analytical report in order to show the progress and benefits of applying SEO tactics. A reputable SEO agency would always work to generate positive results. It will prove its efforts are fruitful by offering measurable results. You can track the progress and ensure that your investment will generate much larger profit.

  • To perform better than the competitors:

If you want to gain an upper hand on your competitor, your website should be ranked at the top. It does not matter that you are targeting a small region or the whole nation, perfectly implemented SEO strategies can turn you into a global service provider. The targeted audience will always get your site among the top search results. They will use it time and again whenever they need services or products your business provides. Thus, you will gain much larger profit and beat your competitors in the competition.

  • To expand your reach and business:

Every business owner wants to turn his business into a large one within the targeted time. Traditional marketing tactics are slow and not as effective as digital marketing. The SEO is an integral part of digital marketing because it puts your business right at the top in the organic search results. Whoever searching for the products and services your business supply, will land on your site. Your business will gain more online visibility and ultimately more new customers. Once you are popular, you can expand your business by adding many new services to entertain the customers.

  • To stand out as the best:

Many companies are competing against one another to grab the clients. Only a few succeed in achieving their goals because they are more visible than others. Your goal should be standing out of the queue. You can do it by ranking your business website at the top in the search result. It may seem like a difficult task to do but an experienced SEO agency can make it easier and possible for you. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to take the support of an SEO company instead of investing your bucks in traditional marketing tactics.

SEO services offered by SEO Company:

Now you know what an SEO company does and why its support is essential. It is the time for you to reveal what SEO services search engine optimization agencies provide. Though all the SEO companies do not provide top class support, only the leading companies offer the following SEO services.

  • Site analysis and business assessment:

Top rated SEO companies thoroughly assess your current business website along with its SEO. It is how they start their work. Specialists check website’s content and architecture in order to assess important factors including keyword density and site’s code. It provides the SEO agency with information regarding the strength and weakness of your website.

The evaluation process does not stop here because business evaluation is also important. The SEO specialist will take a look at your business to understand your target audience and objectives you want to achieve. It helps the SEO Company in recognizing the best tactics to meet your requirements. There will be no doubt regarding the techniques and then the whole campaign will run with a smooth pace.


  • Planning impeccable SEO tactics and setting goals:

After completing a detailed examination of your website and business, the SEO Company starts planning the whole SEO campaign. Planning is a very critical process of the whole SEO campaign. Results cannot be achieved without planning a roadmap which the whole SEO team will follow throughout the campaign. Planning search engine optimization strategies largely depend on the type of business, audience, and your business goals. SEO experts take all three things in their consideration before finalizing the SEO tactics.

Standard SEO plans do not work for every website, therefore, experienced SEO Company never applies the same website optimization technique for all of its clients. Experts first consider the facts they have got from website assessment and business evaluation to form customized SEO strategies for your business website. The most important part of the whole strategy would be recognizing the best phrases and keywords to optimize your website and draw high-quality traffic.

The search engine optimization plan will combine various proven tactics and SEO techniques that can rapidly boost the organic rank of your website and bring it to the top.

Achieving the goals would be possible only if the planning is perfect and according to the modern requirements of the search engines. If not, then the whole campaign would be waste of time and money.

  • Shortlisting the required SEO tools:

Search engine optimization is quite a complex way of boosting a website’s rank because many different tools are used to implement a tailored SET strategy. Once you have got a perfect plan to run your SEO campaign, the next step would be finding the necessary tools to implement every planned tactic.

An experienced SEO company always determines what type of tools, dashboards, and other programs are needed to execute SEO tactics and supervise the whole campaign. The lack of required SEO tools or systems can cause further delay and affect the whole SEO campaign. Therefore, experts never make a mistake of making changes on the client’s website without gathering necessary SEO tools. It is a crucial step because it ensures every program and system will be available on time when the changes are taking place on the client’s website. It also ensures quality results without any compromise.

  • Implementation of planned SEO strategies:

Once all the tools are determined and collected, the SEO Company does not wait anymore to implement search engine optimization strategies. The process of optimizing a website begins with on-page SEO and then other forms of SEO are applied to achieve the main goal. The SEO experts may remove some backend code of your website while on-page optimization is taking place. Making your website responsive and user-friendly is a top priority for every experienced SEO firm. It is essential because most of the users now use the internet services through their smartphones.

On-page optimization all includes creating a list of target keywords. These keywords are later added to the content in order to draw quality traffic. Once on-page optimization is completed, the SEO team will now implement the off-page SEO tactics. Any SEO service cannot have a direct control over off-page optimization. It involves critical tasks such as building links and increasing authority. Though it makes the whole SEO process quite complex, experienced SEO companies know the best methods for improving off-page web optimization tactics.

The expert search engine optimizers keep the off-page optimization plan ready in advance that you can use in order to increase your website authority. SEO agencies offer a detailed plan for off-page optimization, which turns SEO into a less complex practice.

  • Ongoing SEO:

Businesses spend thousands and millions of dollars every year on marketing and promotions. They keep promoting their products because they do not want people to forget what they offer and why the target audience should choose them. Though SEO is not as expensive as traditional marketing methods, it is also an ongoing process.

Google is the leading search engine in the world and it constantly reassesses its algorithms in order to improve the way search results are shown to the users. Google releases new updates according to which websites need to alter their SEO tactics in order to be compliant and maintain a good rank.

A website that does not invest in ongoing SEO often loses its rank and that is terrible for any online business. It would never happen with your website if you have hired a reliable SEO Company. Its ongoing SEO service will make sure that your website is optimized according to the latest Google updates. Thus, you will maintain a good rank and this particular SEO service can also boost the performance of your website.

While offering ongoing SEO services, the SEO agencies run blogging campaigns, link-building campaigns, keyword research, and apply other on-page search engine optimization techniques to improve the performance of your website. Ongoing SEO is one of the most important needs of today’s websites. Every SEO agency is not capable of providing high-quality support for ongoing SEO.

A company which is aware of the most recent changes in SEO can offer a better support. It is all about being aware of latest search engine updates and altering SEO strategy according to new updates. An SEO Company that successfully changes the search engine optimization techniques to meet the requirements of the search engine, provides reliable SEO solutions.

How to choose an SEO company?

After checking all the above-given details you might be wondering that choosing a good SEO company would be the easiest job to do. That is unfortunately not true. A lot of inexperienced and poor performing SEO agencies make big claims and succeed in trapping clients who are ready to spend a lot on SEO. Be a wise client and never get trapped. You should search for the best and while searching for the best, do not make the below-given mistakes.

  1. Do not use Google as a filter:

What many clients believe is that a reliable SEO company would always gain the top rank in the search results. They put phrases like Best SEO agency in Amsterdam, etc. in the search box to find the best SEO support.

Clients often trust a company that is ranked at the top and believe they have got a reliable support. It might be a big mistake if you also Google filter to find a reliable SEO firm.

This kind of approach often leads clients towards an SEO company which has spent most of the time by boosting its own rank in the search results. It is also an indication that the SEO firm has zero or minimum clients to serve and that’s why it is wasting most of the time by boosting its own rank. You need someone who has a great experience of serving different clients for their SEO demands.

Experienced and reputable SEO companies never do such stunts because they are already busy serving many clients. Therefore, you should look for experience rather than trusting top-ranked companies which may have no experience in dealing with genuine clients.

  1. Do not trust the top SEO list:

Websites that offer Top 10, Top 20 and similar lists often make money by charging their clients for listing their services. Many clients get trapped by such sites and mistakenly select an SEO agency that might not offer the best results within the required time.

The listicle websites themselves hire the leading SEO agencies to boost their organic rank for certain keywords and maintain that rank by using ongoing SEO services. These sites gain top ranks and then search for the clients. A number of SEO companies in various regions are their clients. They simply ask the SEO companies to pay a certain amount for gaining top ranks in the list. That’s how things work and that’s why it can be a big mistake if you trust the list shown by a Top-10 kind of site.

  1. Trusting there is a secret SEO weapon:

If you are a business owner, you must be aware of how the sales pitch works. A lot of low-quality SEO service providers claim that they use a secret SEO technique that quickly boosts the organic rank of a website. They present it as a secret weapon that they cannot reveal to anybody, even not to their clients. Is this true? It is an absolute fake claim that is made in order to trap the clients who are desperately searching for positive results.

It is a completely false claim that there is a secret SEO weapon (technique) that can generate positive results within one or two days. Google has now turned into a very sophisticated search engine that does not allow any poorly optimized website to gain the top rank. It will keep such sites at least at the sixth page in the search results in order to provide the users with the best possible solutions.

So, whenever an SEO Company claims that it has some sort of secret sauce that will spur up your website’s rank within a few days, reject that SEO agency immediately. You are here to search for a reliable SEO partner and you should never get trapped by the sales pitches of an SEO firm.


So, how to select a reliable SEO firm?

In order to find the best SEO Company to optimize your website, you should follow a few simple steps explained below.

  1. Set practical goals:

Every experience SEO service provider would like to know your goals because starting planning. If only high traffic, top rank, and beating a certain competitor are your goals, your website can never generate good revenue. Your goals should be drawing high-quality traffic from targeted groups of users. Focus on boosting sales and generating higher revenues and thus you will easily beat your competitors. Your ultimate goals should be an engaging audience, boosting customer loyalty, and maintaining top rank for a long time. That’s how your business can grow faster with impeccable SEO solutions.

  1. Take recommendations from trusted resources:

Hence the top ranked SEO companies are not always the best, recommendations can work really well to help you in finding a trusted SEO firm. You can trust the recommendations suggested by non-competitive firms, your personal network, and also by industry insiders. Let them know what you are expecting and then get at least 4-5 different SEO companies to shortlist the best.

  1. Ask these questions when it comes to choosing the best:

If you do not want to get trapped by their sales pitches, ask a few important questions to know who can work the best to meet your demands.

  • Which process will you follow to accomplish our goals and why?
  • What is the reporting process and how much time you take to respond?
  • What resources your company possesses to meet our SEO requirements?
  • What time do you need to provide the required SEO solutions?
  • What changes will you make when the initial SEO strategies will not work?
  • How many clients you have served till the date and how many websites you have optimized successfully?

You can add some more questions if you want. The answers to these questions will provide an overview of the true capabilities of an SEO Company. You will quickly learn who can provide the best support to improve your website and business’s online visibility.

  1. Know the views of existing and previous clients of the chosen SEO company:

The last and the most important thing you need to check before hiring an SEO Company is what the served clients think about the shortlisted company. It would be great if you personally get in touch with some clients. Thus, you will be in a better position to learn how the chosen SEO company run the SEO campaign, how it alters the strategies when needed, and how does it report.

An online business cannot succeed without taking the support of a reliable and experienced SEO Company. So, whenever you plan to go online and expand your business, you automatically become a potential client for the SEO agencies. Choose a reliable support for your demands and then let the experts do their job. The results will spur up your performance and reward your business with numerous new clients.

Let us help you in growing your business if you seek the support of a reliable SEO agency:

Webygeeks offer everything your website needs in order to gain the top rank. We know what it takes to generate positive results and we run SEO campaigns accordingly. We believe in practical solutions and positive results. That we achieve by using years of knowledge in this field and the most advanced SEO tools. Our SEO strategies have helped many clients in gaining quality traffic and increasing the sales. You can expect the same result from us and contact us to inform about your demands.


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