Top 10 Search Engines In The World

  • November 16, 2018

Search Engines have become very important in today’s lifestyle, in fact, they are part of your life. Today, every educated person is depending on this technology, for every single query, they will search in these popular search engines and get answers quickly and easily. Whatever you want to search on the internet, including gift items, the nearest restaurant, or looking for best quotations, or finding a nice coffee shop closer to your house, for that matter anything you want to know will be available on the internet. Every individual is now depending more on search engines to get clear and crisp answers for their daily queries.

People using a search engine to find the current affairs, weather forecast and getting info about the closest local businesses for getting tips from the internet using search engines, now people started trusting internet than their grandma’s tips when you give it a thought, it looks bizarre.

No wonder, why people are depending more and more on search engines and they have become a genuine supporter for everyone. Just Google alone offers 78.78 percent market share and it is definitely the best search engine in the world.

Currently, you can find various search engines and some of these engines are stated to a specific data, region, users, and language.

Everyone knows that Google is the number one search engine in the world. But, the fact is, now there are several other search engines that have been providing the best information quickly and precisely.

Now, you might be thinking why these search engines have become popular and why they are considered the most popular? Well, it is because these search engines are well used and well known.  Most of the web users use the most well-known search engines as it helps them steer more traffic to their website.

For internet searchers, the popular and prominent search engines provide more efficient and reliable outcome for their search question.

You should know that though most people search through Google and find answers, the fact is, Google is not just the search engine available on the internet, there are several other popular search engines available and these engines offer quicker and exact results than Google.

Here you can find the top 10 most popular search engines in the world that have been providing quick search results.

  1. Google

Google was founded in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It is one of the most popular and largest search engines in the world. In fact, nobody needs any further introduction on Google. Google is surely is the most popular and largest search engine in the world with a 78.78 percent net market share. Bing is the second close competitor to Google with a 7.65 percent market share.

As per the latest report from netmarketshare shows that 74.52 percent of searches were supported by Google and just 7.98 percent by Bing. Currently, Google is also getting popular in the tablet/mobile search engine with a 93 percent market share.

  1. Bing

Bing was launched by Microsoft in the year 1998, it is now considered as the second largest search engine (web-based) after Google.  It is also one of the popular search engines in the United States that ranks next to Google that makes it very beneficial to target the audience.

Bing is developed to challenge Google by Microsoft in the search area, but regardless of their efforts they still do not compatible with Google as it does not convince the users that it is the best search engine and provide better results compared to Google.

  1. Yahoo

Yahoo search is supported by Bing since October 2011. However, Yahoo is still holding the 4th place as per the reports because it is still the most well-known provider

  1. was previously known as Ask Jeeves that be given around 0.05 percent of net market share. Ask is designed in question and answer format, and the questions are mostly answered in the form of polls or by other users.

The search engine also has the usual search functionality but, it does not provide accurate results like other search engines, the lack of providing quality results are the reason why many people avoid using this search engine.


As per the net market share report, the old timer yet popular AOL hold in the top ten search engines with 0.04 percent net market share. This famous AOL network integrates several other popular websites such as,, and the

  1. Baidu

The Baidu search engine is very famous in China and it is founded in the year 2000. The market share of Baidu was gaining its market share steadily and as per the information provided in Wikipedia, the search engine is providing results for billions of queries every month. According to Alexa Ranking, it is ranked in the 4th position currently.

  1. WolframAlpha

This is totally different from other search engines. WolframAlpha is promoted as a CKE (Computational Knowledge Engine) that can give you information and facts for various topics.  Also, it can perform all types of calculations, for instance, if you provide ‘mortgage 2000’ as input in the search engine, it will estimate your interest and loan amount etc, based on a few assumptions.

  1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that offers several advantages compared to other search engines. The DuckDuckGo user-interface is very apparent and it does not follow/track users. The search engine is absolutely loaded with advertisements and contains a quite a few stunning features like it allows you to search only one page of results from other websites.

As per the latest results of October 2018, the search engine is serving more than thirty million search results per day.

  1. Internet Archive is an internet archive search engine that allows you to find out how the website used to look in 1996. Internet Archive is a very helpful tool that can help you trace the domain history and find how the website has changed, over the years.


As per Alexa Ranking, is a popular search engine among the thirty popular websites on the internet. It is popular in Russia with a 4th ranking position.

The company considers itself as a technology company that offers amazing services and products supported by machine learning.  As per the Wikipedia information, Yandex is popular in Russia and it operates the biggest search engine with around 65 percent net market share in Russia.


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