Stephen Hansen
Stephen Hansen

My website has been around for a year already, but I never experienced a surprising increase in my site's traffic before I hire WebyGeeks internet marketing services. To be honest, my site has experienced a 42% increase in traffic within just two months of using WebyGeeks services. Unlike before when my website only receives a 100 hits daily, it has increased to around 140-150 with their help. For a website like mine which only relies on traffic coming from search engine results, services like that of WebyGeeks is an excellent help.


WebyGeeks is an SEO company which I would highly recommend to my friends and to everyone. After using their services for almost a year, I am very pleased with the results. However, they don't just excel in SEO services alone, as they even provided me results from their other internet marketing services like social media marketing, article writing and submission, on page SEO and even email marketing. Not to mention, they maintain a high level of quality in their customer support. In fact, they never left me hanging whenever I have some important questions to ask from them.

Jimmie Crawford

We need help with promoting our local business, and WebyGeeks never failed to provide us with what we need. I actually found this SEO company while reading several reviews and testimonials on various blogs. After deciding to give their services a try, I would like to say that I have no regrets in choosing them. With their help, my local business' reputation is now doing well online. I am currently receiving traffic from various sources, most of which are from local searches while some are from social media and reviews - and it's all thanks to the guys from WebyGeeks.

Judith Spitzer

My site's ranking has experienced a massive drop in rankings ever since Google's Panda update took place. While I used to do the promotion and marketing of my website by myself, I have to admit that I used the services of WebyGeeks to get my site on track again. Now, my website's ranking is back to where it once was, and I'm even receiving more and more organic traffic from the keywords I have been targeting. Without them, I would still be suffering from a decline in my website's ranking and traffic. Thank you guys!

Edwin Lee

Most of the traffic that my website receives come from emails, although my campaigns were not proven to be effective since I am experiencing high bounce rates with very little response from my recipients. However, when I hire the services of WebyGeeks, my bounce rates were substantially reduced and I also notice from their reports that a huge percentage of my visitors who came to my site via email actually took the time to view other pages of my site. WebyGeeks also helped promote my business via other methods other than email marketing. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Kathy Mitchelle

WebyGeeks sends me monthly reports regarding how well my website is doing in the ranking, how many hits it receives daily, weekly and monthly, as well as other important data and statistics. I'm glad that I am able to see amazing results with my website's ranking. Other than that, I notice that most of the keywords I'm targeting are placing ranks and have been receiving traffic than it was before I used their service. For me, it has been worth it to hire WebyGeeks to promote my website online via SEO and article marketing. They're a real lifesaver, and their prices are even affordable.

Tiffany Wallace

I have been using WebyGeeks service for three months now, and from what I have observed, they were able to provide me with a high ROI. For any online business, looking for an SEO company with a high return-on-investment is a challenge. Luckily, I have been enjoying such benefit from WebyGeeks ever since I have enlisted their services. Right now, my e-commerce website which sells several accessories and stuff is receiving an average of 100 hits a day. To add to that, I am also making sales of $500 to $1000 a month. I am very grateful for having them do the promotion of my business for me. Without them, I would have been experiencing difficulties in making sales.

Jenny Doe

I own a local business, and I needed help with how to promote my business online. For someone without any knowledge regarding internet marketing, WebyGeeks have been a great help for me. Thanks to them, my business is now able to attract buyers from other places. Some of them even told me that they were able to locate my business through Google maps and reviews. And it's all thanks to WebyGeeks. Their SEO services are great, in addition to their experienced and friendly staff who helped me throughout the entire campaign. I just couldn't thank them enough. Because of them, I am making profits.

Freddie George

I have used various SEO services before, but all of them were unable to provide me with the impact to my business needs. Some even gave me promises which they can fulfill, then I found WebyGeeks. It was actually referred to me by a friend who has his own website, saying that he is using WebyGeeks' SEO services for promoting his online business. True enough, WebyGeeks did what my friend told me. Thanks to them, I am now enjoying a steady flow of traffic from users all around the world. They even took care of my website content and wrote promotional articles for my website.

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