SEO Copywriting Packages

S.NoDetailsQuantityIndvidual Rate **Price (USD)
1Web Content Writing
(300 -350 words)
15 pages$20
per page
25 pages$17
per page
Web Content Editing
(400-500 words)
5 pages$10
Per Page
2Article Writing
(400-500 words)
25 Articles$17
per Article
50 Articles$15
per article
50 Articles
per Article
3Press Release Writing
(400-500 words)
Press Releases
per Press
4Blog Writing
(300-400 words)
15 Blog$12
per Blog
25 Blog$10
Per Blog


Q: How important is SEO copywriting? Is it okay to skip this part and just sign up in much important SEO packages?

A: SEO copywriting is essential because the key to high positioning is keyword-rich contents that are written for both search engines and customers. Plus, a well written article/blog/ad/press release is a necessity in attracting more visitors to your website, so you cannot ignore this part, in other words you can’t skip it and go for other packages.

Q: What kind of copywriting services does Webygeeks offer?

A: We offer a wide variety of content creation services such as web content, articles, blog and press release. Each of them is priced differently depending on the quantity. For example, for a web content project composed of 25 pages and must have 350 words in them, price is $17 per page. Additionally, we do offer editing services.

Q: What is the minimum article writing order?

A: It depends on what type of content you would like to be written. But as of right now, we accept orders ranging from 5 to 25 pages/articles/blogs. As for Press Release, we do accept a minimum of 5 PRs for $20 each.

Q: With up to $20 per PR/content, is it safe to assume that you can provide me quality work?

A: Yes! Our copywriting team members have a minimum of three years of working experience. We have writers who came from different industries like publishing, academe, Internet marketing, media and entertainment, and so on. You can definitely be sure of getting high-quality, error-free and original content for your content marketing purposes.

Q: Can your SEO copywriting services help me convert my web content to be cost-effective?

A: Yes, definitely. When it comes to writing web content, we trained our copywriters to always write on the point of view of the page visitors or your target consumers. This way, your page visitors can easily find the information that they are looking for on the website. It is safe to assume that your customers visit your website with a purpose; and that is to gather information that they can use for decision-making.

Q: Have your writings already boosted your clients’ revenues?

A: Yes, Webygeeks, as a top SEO Company, aims for a top 10 search engine rank and our writers will surely help you in driving more leads/sales to your Company. A better ranking will let you see the best results that we can provide that will surely increase your revenues.

Q: Do you also offer custom-made SEO copywriting plans?

A: Yes, we do. Just give us a call or send us an email at to talk things over. We also offer article rewriting services at a much cheaper price.