Search Engine Optimization

Have you experienced building a website with a wonderful design and good products but didn’t work out?  Wondering why? Well, it’s maybe because you have not followed proper search engine optimization procedures. What is search engine optimization or SEO?

Search engine optimization is a technique which works to improve your website’s visibility in order to achieve a higher ranking in any search engine. In order to know what will work best for your company, try to put yourself into your client’s shoes, if you do a research there will be some choices that will come out, what will you be choosing?

You will definitely choose among the first three choices, right? This might also be your client’s choice, so your website must be included as one of the top three in the list in order to attract more visitors.

Here, at Webygeeks, we are very well aware of this fact and we are going to do everything that is necessary in the Search engine optimization of your website.

The following are the SEO services that we offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization Consulting or SEO Consulting– we are aware that you are the only person who knows your business very well and that is why we want to talk to you so that we will be able to understand and know your business the way that you do. In that way, we can work and function the way we should.
  • Local Search Optimization or Local SEO– in order for your beautiful web design, great location and the best products to work out, an effective local SEO program should be in place or they will be useless. This program is very essential in making your site visible to many more prospect buyers.  Here at WebyGeeks, we are expert in playing along with search engines.
  • Video SEO– Not all companies offer this kind of service, and compared to other sites, we are the only company that knows how video SEO works. Video SEO shall help include your website on the first page of Goggle Search or in any other search engine. We believe that video SEO will create more competition for you, but we will conduct a study and a thorough research in order to make things work best for you.
  • Mobile SEO–  There are some people who don’t believe that mobile SEO works and that is because they have no idea how to make mobile SEO work for them. Here, at Webygeeks SEO company, we have in place a step by step procedure that enables us to achieve the ranking that you deserve.
  • Online Reputation Management– Reputation is very important in gaining the trust of your clients, and we know that clearly. We are connected with other sites which can us replace or correct your negative feedback and eventually change it to a neutral or even a positive one. Using this program will result in creating a good reputation for you and your company.
  • Link Building– this will help your site become more popular. A good example is through Wikipedia. Wikipedia has thousands of diverse sites linking to it which definitely shows how popular Wikipedia is. This popularity will definitely make a difference to your website once we are able to link it with Wikipedia.

WebyGeeks surely knows that you would want these improvements for your website and company, as well. We would be very happy to do these for you.