Search Engine Optimization FAQs

In order to be transparent with all our SEO services, we, at Webygeeks, are always ready to answer your inquiries and provide you with the tools needed to monitor the results of your campaigns.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers regarding SEO campaigns.

1. What really is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization which means the performance of several tasks which aim to improve the ranking of a company’s website in search engine results. For further information, please see our SEO page.

2. What is the purpose of SEO for me?

SEO is an investment that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are aiming to grow your client base as well as revenues. Compared to Pay Per Click, Per View and Per Impression marketing which are one-time or quick marketing means, Search Engine Optimization does not depend on “clicks” or “views”, it basically optimizes your search engine ranking and once that ranking is achieved you will then reap its benefits for years. This means more revenues and lesser expenses.

3. How do I bring my company on page 1 of search results?

If you’re wondering why your company is not on the number one page of search results, then maybe you haven’t ventured into SEO yet or maybe you have entrusted your SEO program to a questionable company. In order for you to bring your company on the number one page of search results, you should be able to choose the best company to do the job on your behalf.

4. Are all SEO programs the same?

Definitely, No! There are two types of SEO’s the good and the bad ones. Good SEO means that the company you hired will implore methods like building ethical links for your website to improve your ranking. On the other hand, Bad SEO is when the company you hired just bombards your website with low-quality links which might eventually get your website banned in search engines.

5. Does SEO cost much?

The cost that you will incur in SEO will depend solely on the result that you want to achieve. If you want a competitive keyword that would get you a higher rank then, be ready to pay for the price that comes with it.

6. Why is this expensive?

The main reason why SEO services are expensive is because developing such service requires specialized knowledge and it also takes so much time. Although you spend much in the development of this service you will surely not regret it because the positive effects are long-term.

7. When can we expect SEO results?

SEO results solely depend on the keyword that was used. Some keyword may improve your ranking in just a few weeks while others may take years before they could bring in any improvement on your ranking. To determine the possible effect of your SEO program, you may ask Simple SEO Group for a free SEO analysis.

8. Is the number of keywords used matters in ranking?

Definitely, Yes! However you should bear in mind that the more keywords you use will also cost you more than the benefit that could possibly bring. Here, at WebyGeeks, we engage in keyword and market research in order to find the best keyword for your SEO campaign, so that you will only be spending for one effective keyword.

9. Can our SEO campaign be done by our company’s web designer and tech guy?

Yes, your company’s web designer or tech guy maybe able to create your SEO campaign, but they may not have the expertise to efficiently and effectively create the best SEO campaign for you. Please bear in mind that if your SEO campaign is done the wrong way, it could also hurt your website’s revenues.

10. Wouldn’t it be better if we just invest in Pay Per Click or Per View Ads?

The answer to this question solely depends on your company’s capabilities and growth. For some company it is more efficiently and cost-effective to invest in SEO campaigns that in Pay Per Click or Per View ads. While for some, it is advantageous for them to invest in Pay Per Click or Per View ads. You may have to thoroughly evaluate the needs and the financial capabilities of your company before deciding as to which program you will use.

11. What makes WebyGeeks unique?

We, at Webygeeks, are dedicated in providing our clients with personable services as well as high-quality products. We are also committed in serving you, thus we make ourselves available to our clients in-person and over-the-phone from Mondays to Fridays 9am to 5pm. We also have flexible schedules in order to accommodate your time of availability, so you wouldn’t have to cancel any appointment just to meet with us. We will also be sending you regular updates regarding your SEO campaign projects through email or through our client portal. And last, but not the least, we have competitive prices that would surely fit your budget.

12. How can I learn more about the services that you’re offering?

Please click here to be directed to our contact page or you may call this number 1-866-763-4678, we are always available to answer any of your questions regarding our services.

13. Is it possible for me to view your Prices and Packages?

Webygeeks offers several standard prices and packages, but we preferably customize our SEO packages depending on the job order. So we advice you to contact us for a consultation regarding the prices that you might incur for a certain job order. We are always available to conduct a consultation with you at this number 1-866-763-4678.

14. After the purchase, what will happen next?

After you make a purchase, please send us an email at including your website details and Paypal Transaction ID. Webygeeks will now start with the very core of your campaign, keyword research. We will be engaged in in-depth research regarding your website, your competitors and the keywords needed for your niche. Once we have a full list of keywords, we will then arrange the keywords that could be effective in improving your website’s ranking, depending on your budget as well as on the quality of the keyword in bringing in traffic.

After these are done, we will then place these keywords into your client portal page where you can track the ranking of the keywords during the duration of the campaign.

15. Is it normal if my keywords’ ranking goes up and down?

Definitely, Yes! During the duration of the campaign it is really normal for keywords to have an up and down movement while they continue to improve their ranking; this is technically referred to as the “Google Dance”.

16. When will I expect to feel and see the return of my investment (ROI)?

Most of the time, when the keyword reaches page 1 of search engines, clients will start to receive traffic and this will continue until such time that the keyword is included in the top three spot.

You ROI will solely depend on the cost of your SEO package and your profit margins. Most companies feel and see their ROIs within three to six months since the beginning of the campaign.

17. Is it possible for us to request for additional keywords or upgrade our package?

The answer to this is a BIG YES! Most of the time, our clients here at WebyGeeks, start with a package that is cost-effective for them and when results start coming in they would opt to change their packages to a larger one. This is really possible if you want to broaden the scope of your campaign and gain more ROIs.

18. Is SEO a lifetime need for my company?

The effects of your SEO campaign basically depend on the keywords used. There are keywords that stay in their rank for years but most of the competitive keywords only stay in their rank for a several months. WebyGeeks understands that the costs of these campaigns may not always be friendly to our clients’ budget, thus when our clients inform us that they need to tone down their campaigns, we place their campaigns on a maintenance package. This package is cheaper yet we still do our best to monitor your keywords’ rankings and then we do smaller SEO work in order to maintain the rankings that you are in.

19. How will SEO help in improving my company or my website’s value?

Websites with optimized SEOs and contain ranking keywords will earn you more money. There are certain companies that buy and sell domains that have good ranking keywords and a large amount of incoming links, so even if you company closes down, your website will still giving you income.

In case you have questions which are not covered here, please feel free to contact us through our email: or telephone number: 1-866-763-4678.