Apr 01

Improve your SEO by Improving Your Site’s Mobile Usability Features

These days, it’s no longer the question of whether or not mobile SEO is important for every business owner. It is, and it has to be a part of your daily marketing strategy. Most of the internet users nowadays no longer use a PC and have opted to use their mobile devices instead. The problem is, many businesses are still unable to leverage the growing need of mobile-friendly sites. Earlier in January, Google has sent out notifications telling websites to fix their site’s mobile usability issues or they will experience a poor ranking in the mobile search results. The sooner you are able to deal with such usability issues, the better.


How does it affect your SEO?

For those who have knowledge about SEO or performs SEO, the usual conversation when it comes to improving a site’s ranking would revolve around the creation of quality content or collecting valuable links. Even though those are considered as among the major factors in determining a website’s authority, user experience is often overlooked by the many.

SEO is actually about showing your visitors that your website is trustworthy. And since it can be partly determined by the way your visitors react upon visiting your site, the user experience should be regarded as something of utmost importance. Google aims to provide their user base with the best search experience possible in order to retain their clients and keep them using their search engine. Due to this, Google seeks to reward those sites which provide their visitors with a great user experience by placing them in higher rankings.

How to identify mobile usability issues

In order to check for your site’s mobile usability issues, the very first place you should go to is the Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability feature. This section will show you various issues which Google identified together with graphs showing your progress. Other than that, it will also show you issues like a missing viewpoint, Flash content, tiny fonts, clickable links/button which are too close to each other and more. You can easily find the mobile usability report by simply signing into your Google Webmaster account.

The next place you need to visit is the PageSpeed Insights Load Tool. This tool focuses mainly on your mobile website’s loading time, an aspect which is very important for both SEO and usability purposes. However, what’s beneficial with this tool is that it will show you various factors which could affect your site’s loading speed and give you with some solutions for fixing them.

Fixing your mobile usability issues

Obviously, the first step you need to take is to check out the tools which are mentioned above in order to know where you should start. However, there are times when you have to actually make changes. Some few tips include the following:

You can start by determining which pages are causing problems. You can do this by signing into Google Webmaster Tools and clicking on the Search Traffic – Mobile Usability section which is located on the left navigation bar. This section will show you a breakdown of the several mobile usability errors along with the pages which have specific errors on them.

  • Try to know as much as you can about a mobile-friendly design. Once you have an insight about the errors which occur in your pages, you can then begin working on a plan to solve them. There are actually several places where you can learn more about a mobile-friendly design. Even Google has its own resource for Web Fundamentals which will teach you about the best practices about fixing usability issues on your site.
  • Once you are familiar with the best practices for resolving your site’s mobile usability issues, it’s about time to start fixing the issues one by one. After improving a single page, re-test it using the Google Page Speed Insights tool in order to find out if your site’s score has improved or not. Every update which you make to your page will help in improving your site’s overall score, thus improving its visibility in the mobile search results at the same time.
  • Mobile search volume is expected to rise considering that more and more consumers are making the shift from PC to mobile devices. The quicker you can work towards providing a better user experience for your customers, the quicker your website will grow.

The good thing about having the ability improve your site’s ranking by addressing mobile usability issues with the help of Google Webmaster Tools is that you’re not just improving your user experience on mobile screens but on the desktop as well. When talking about mobile content marketing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that brands should just concentrate on visitors who visit their site through mobile devices. However, it’s certainly important if you consider the way they interact with your site. All in all, it simply means that site design, user experience and quality visual contents tend to become more important than before.

Mar 31

Need of Natural SEO Content and Tips to Write It

Content is the lifeline of search engine campaign when it comes to internet marketing. It is one of the prime determining factors for search engines to decide where the page would rank. A lot of people, especially the beginners would prefer taking the easy way out for marketing of their pages by using basic SEO principles, which really is not the right thing to do. What they don’t realize is that they will end up putting at risk their campaign for too many wrong reasons. You just cannot overstuff your content with keywords just for the sake of getting attention and then serving them with nothing sensible. It’s like inviting your friends’ home for dinner and just serving them salad all round the clock.

Digital content has a strong impact on marketing and therefore it is important for you to post content that is natural and has a great flow. So the internet marketers should give prominence to generate as natural content as possible and then only they’ll be able to chart in the top pages of search engines.

Think Of The Target Audience

You will be writing for a specific section of audience and hence whatever you write should be for human beings. So when the content is being written, make sure you write it for real people and target it for a live audience. You will certainly not get a good appraisal for it, but you will certainly like it when people will link back to your article or will share it on their social media handles like Facebook or Twitter. Ultimately people are going to read it and not just the search engines. Of course search engines do not make conversations or reply.

Talk To The Point

Real talk will get you the desired ranking for sure. When writing content for search engines, you must write short and concise sentences that are easy to understand and readable. Keywords must be used correctly and closely as they are to be used for linking purposes. It would be best if you do not over stuff the keywords or place them too close to each other. Spread the keywords throughout the content so that it looks natural and easy on eyes. With a natural flow, the content would become better looking and much more enjoyable for your readers. Apart from this, the tone of the content should be such that the readers feel connected it. They should get a feel that you are speaking to them directly. Lastly, be as creative as possible. Do not copy content from others and post it on yours and claim it to be yours. As this is a crime. You must be unique and that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

A Solid Title

What can draw the attention of maximum number of people towards your content is actually a title. Whether you are drafting a press release or writing a blog, it is important that you select your title carefully. A good title will have a great impact on the marketing campaign as a good title will attract more audience and this will definitely be noticed by the search engines. All search engines would certainly take notice of the website getting majority of traffic just because of your content. If your post wouldn’t have a good title, it would fail to generate attention of the readers, and there won’t be enough traffic due to the same. The best SEO strategy would be, to insert a keyword in the title. This would certainly have a magnetic pull.

Make Use Of Natural Strategies

It is important that your content is informative and unique. Never lower the value meter just to minimize your efforts, by copying content from others. The topic you pick should be relevant and hot trending as more people would like to read about it then. You can never gain visibility by writing on topics that aren’t relevant to your website. Search engines would simply ignore such posts and therefore you must write on topics that are great for your website.

These are some of the tips that should be taken into consideration when writing content for internet marketing. If you never knew how important for you it was for you to write natural content till now, you must have realized after reading the article. You can easily build website authority by focusing your efforts on writing quality content. Your audience will trust you more and even the search engines will rank you well if you keep your efforts directed towards quality content. Make your SEO campaign worthy by utilizing just the right practices.

Mar 26

How to Improve Search Ranking of Your Business?

All that a business owner strives for is a better customer base for their brick-and-mortar business. Besides a steady base of loyal clients, a business owner always is on a lookout for new clients. And this is the reason they need to work on local SEO. Google and other search engines make use of this technology which helps find new business opportunities. It is significant to build a smart SEO strategy if you wish to outshine your competitors. Here are some reliable steps which when followed properly can certainly give a boost to your local SEO rankings.

 Improve Search Ranking
Use Keywords After Research
Whenever a customer is trying to find a business online, he makes use of certain words and your business shows up on the search engines. These words are keywords. So your first step should be to research properly for the keywords that your clients could potentially be using for finding you.

There is a tool within Google AdSense website with which you could look for new suggestions for keywords. Just get yourself familiar with this site and see how you would be able to use it for benefit of your business. You should be looking for keywords that would increase the viewership of your website.

Your focus should be on understanding the language being used by your client base as they are going to search your business using the same language.

Site Optimization and Content

Creation of high quality content is quite important for your local business’s SEO. This is significant for search engines as well as web traffic. You don’t have to go by the old technique of over stuffing your content with keywords unnecessarily. This is no longer effective for getting rankings and is bad from reader’s point of view also. Instead of this, you should optimize your content sensibly and product original, error-free content which not only looks good but is informative too. Never mislead your visitors.

To attract more clients, you should add testimonials, customer stories, and relevant content to your website. Add information about your staff members and valuable advices which has potential to drive the web traffic. You should also incorporate quality images as it can help with search engines rankings.

Localize Your Website

It is important that it is easier for visitors to get access to your company’s address and contact number easily from each page. You can utilize header and footer for placing the information. Irrespective of the page the visitors are at, they should find out the contact information. You need to be careful in providing address and contact information on your website and it should be the same as that on Google.

Create Quality Backlinks

Backlinking means linking your page to other websites. It would be your benefit if the website that you are linking to gets hits. For “link building”, you can make use of press release distribution, directory registration, guest blogging, link exchange, text link advertising, as well as cross promotion.

You should motivate the visitors to link to your site by providing valuable tools. Natural baclinks will increase.

Genuine Reviews Can Help

Fake reviews have the potential to repel your visitors. Such reviews will create problems as these can be easily be recognized by search engines and hence you should refrain from publishing them. Instead of doing this, you could actually ask your previous customers to provide genuine reviews on Google+. Just ask them for one review as it would be more than enough. Don’t push them to give only positive reviews. It would be better if you would get mixed and genuine reviews which would seem real. If you will ask them to provide positive review or will offer any incentive, there will be a change of tone, which would not sound genuine.

Optimization of Social Profiles

Apart from taking use of Google+, you should also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. On your social media profiles, you should add your physical location and URL of your website. You can increase exposure of your Facebook profile by improving your presence.

You should frequently update them and avoid being spammy. You can add pictures of customers you served in the past.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile is the future. Most of the people these days make use of their mobiles to access your business. Therefore, it is just the right time to get your website mobile optimized. As people these days are always on the move, it is significant to provide them with ease of accessing your company while traveling.

These are some steps which can definitely give a boost to your SEO ranking. Just analyze your results and on a weekly basis, check the clicks of the keywords. Now that you have an idea, you know what you should do.

Mar 16

Latent Semantic Indexing- Why, Where, and How to Use them?

Latent Semantic Indexing, commonly known as LSI is an important part of the Google logarithm and your social media strategy. When using LSI, you are not going to use only one particular term in your blog post. You are going to think about synonyms so that you main idea can be put forth in a simple manner. It is a part of indexing process of the document. All search engine marketers should learn about “Latent Semantic Indexing” when planning to rank their sites well on search engines. You will convey your message to the users in a much natural manner.

latent semantic indexing

Why Use LSI Keywords?

Usually semantic terms are used in combination with the primary keywords and then only the content would appear natural. And even the keywords wouldn’t appear forced into the content. There are a number of benefits of using LSI keywords while writing your documents, whether presses release, blog, article, or whitepaper.

Audience Engagement: Who wants to bore their visitors? No one of course! The ones coming out looking for information on your pages should be served fresh and well-written content. No one would find it interesting to read a sentence after sentence stuffed with same keywords in each one of them. At such a point, LSI keywords can do the task and help you get engagement as well as a loyal audience.

Search Engine Rank: The end goal of all blog owners is to see a gradual increase in their organic ranking. When your site is indexed, the search engines use LSI keywords to find out what exactly your site is about. The search engines gauge the quality of your pages only through semantic keywords. So use synonyms and the search engines will certainly take note of the same.

No Penalties: Google has new set of changes which target the low quality websites and penalize them for posting low quality and even the ones that spam the search engines. Therefore, you must remain natural and refrain from overstuffing keywords in the content. Use other phrases as well so that search engines show your site in the results for more phrase queries.

How To Select LSI Keywords For Your Content?

Okay, so LSI keywords are the ones that are quite similar to the primary keyword. And one can easily find a number of LSI keywords for their content by using LSI keyword tools. One of the most amazing tools which can be used for searching LSI keywords is Google Search. Use search suggestions to find the right LSI keywords in a hassle-free way. Other than this, one can also make use of Google Keyword Planner as it can help you find synonyms related to the primary keyword.

Where You Must Include Your LSI Keywords?

There are some common rules concerned with LSI keyword usage. You should include the LSI keywords in the title, header, beginning paragraph, ending paragraph, permalinks, as well as anchor texts.

Just don’t over stuff the keywords in the entire post and make it spammy else you would be penalized. Let use of LSI keywords remain a natural and SEO friendly concept.

Tips To Befriend LSI Keywords

Use of LSI keywords is not tough at all; it is all about common sense. But some things that must be kept in mind when using LSI keywords are as follows:

  • If the title of your page is the guide to learn cricket, then your article needs to be focused on the game of cricket only.
  • Keywords must not be overused in the content as you would risk your site to be red flagged in case of overstuffing.
  • You must not use Article Spinning Software as it only churns out unreadable stuff.
  • When outsourcing content, make sure you pick a trustworthy source for the same.
  • You can see the top ranked keywords by checking Google Webmaster Tools.

All in all, it is really important to make sure you feed quality content to your readers; however it is way more important that they enjoy the content. The best would be to offer them natural experience and provide them exactly what the page is about. On following all these tips carefully, one would definitely see a major change in their rankings. There would be an increase in the traffic, sales, as well as rankings over the time. The search for LSI keywords can take time but make sure that you choose the ones that are relevant to your content. So you should start looking for LSI keywords and implementing in your page. This is what should be done and it will work for your page.

Mar 09

Reasons Why Your E-commerce Website Needs A Blog

Blogging functionality is a must-have for eCommerce websites as it can help draw traffic to your site. It is surprising to see that a lot of e-commerce sites still don’t have a blog for their business. A lot of businesses don’t opt for an in-built blog as it can be time-consuming. Moreover, they don’t even wish to distract their customers. So, what’s exactly the point of having a blog when the businesses primarily aim to sell products online?


Well, it is no secret that a blog can help drive online traffic to your site. It is the driving vehicle for content, which has several other benefits. If you too are an online business that hasn’t been taking advantage of a blog, you should read ahead and know the reasons how it can be beneficial for your business:

  • Rank Well In Search Engines

With a restricted audience, you might not be tempted to blog as you would feel that not a lot of people are anyways going to read the content. But you don’t have to be let down by this. If you won’t blog then your small audience will remain small. By having more content on your blog, you would give Google a reason to index and rank the site on search engines. Blog content will inform Google, what your entire website is about. More ranked pages on Google means more traffic on the website.

If you will keep the content of your blog fresh and update new pages regularly, it would be a signal for search engines that the site is active.

  • Get Noticed

When you are giving out great content on the blog, people would like to read it and this will get your website ranked in search engines. Whether you are getting a link to your site from other blogs, your social media channels, or any other source, it would be a sign to Google that your website is important. Blogging will let you publish content relevant to your business and it would exhibit your skills properly. Your customers would see you as an authority amongst other competitors. And they would reach to you for information.

Your blog will give a voice to your brand and it will also allow you to be creative. All-in-all, you would be able to develop a relation with your visitors and also make a point that you care about them and not just your business.

  • Earn Backlinks

There is no denying the fact that backlinks can get your business highly ranked on search engines. So the more natural and quality backlinks you get, the better your ranking is going to be. So if you aren’t trying to build backlinks, they would be positive for your business. The more blog posts on your website would mean better chances of people coming back to your blog for referring to the articles. If you have more information to share, your site will get more links. Without a blog, there is no chance of any such link. You can even add external links in the articles you share as this will get your blog, attention from those companies whose links you are providing. And then down the line, they might even link back to you to return the favor. So, this can be extremely beneficial for your business.

  • Show Credibility

It would work in your favor to show your visitors that you have an in-depth knowledge about the industry. If you will keep your blog updated, you will prove that you know everything. You can elaborate on the good points of your products/services with the help of a blog. You can include interviews and videos and be different from your competitors. You can even post some topics that aren’t concerned with your business, but you need to share relevant information. Get an idea about topics that your visitors would be interested in reading about. Therefore, write more on such topics.

  • Marketing Platform To Share Your Story

An important reason to blog is to ascertain audience of repeated customers. You can feature a story on your blog and it would get the readers emotionally involved. By just sharing tech specs, you might not be able to convince the readers, but with a story, you can get them to respond emotionally. When writing about a post in which you have personal experience and a story to tell, you can make it the starting paragraph.

With a blog, you would cater to that segment of audience as well, which is not even ready to buy. Your aim should be to publish at least three blogs every week. Though a smaller company can handle the blog on its own, but a bigger company can even plan on hiring a dedicated writer that can help promote the content. So with blogging you can certainly set your website apart from all the competitors. Moreover, with regular content you can move ahead and benefit your business as well as customers.