Refund and Cancellation Policy

We, at Webygeeks, have full confidence in the wide range of services, e-business solutions and products that we are offering. We are dedicated in providing exceptional and reliable services towards our clients. All of our services pass through a thorough project analysis before we offer them to our respected clients. We make sure that we fully understand the work that is expected from us, thus project cancellation or dispute or reversal is not an option for our clients. However, any service cancellation or refund is done following a set of conditions for such actions.

Cancellation Policy

  • Project cancellation may be filed within seven (7) to ten (10) days of service agreement by completing the form provided in our website. These requests are directed to our Accounts Manager and will only be valid once it is confirmed by the concerned department through an email notification.
  • For services with promotional discounts, cancellation is not an option. Since these are services with special provisions, refund is not an option for such services.
  • Webygeeks will not be entertaining requests for cancellation on services, like domain name transfer or registration.
  • For cancellation request posted within 72 hours after a fee is made will still not be entertained.
  • A service will be cancelled if a follow up payment is not made within seven (7) working days.
  • Webygeeks cannot be held responsible for any third party services, which include web development, hosting and content writing.

 Refund Policy

  • Every service that we offer is accomplished using different methods thus our refund policy differs for each type of services.
  •  We involve certain sets of resources in order to finish a certain project, which is the reason why a refund request will not be entertained for already complete projects.
  • Refund will not be given for fees that are made in the form of installation charges or administrative fees.
  • A fee refund will not be given for taxes paid on services that were levied by regulatory bodies.
  • For services cancelled due to violations made on the Terms and Condition section, a refund request will certainly not be entertained.
  • For services placed under same day delivery, a refund is not possible.
  • Webygeeks will not be held responsible for delays or service disruptions that happen due to third party involvement.


This cancellation and refund policy is subject to changes without prior notice. We encourage our clients to revisit this page often to be updated on certain terms that have been changed.