Maryland Tree Discount

Description & Results: We Designed & Managed Adwords Campaign for Licensed Maryland Tree Experts for Harford County & Baltimore County Audience only (very strict Geo Targeted Campaign). The target was to stay on top 3 positions for paid ads and increase the ROI from Adwords. We got 91% Conversion rate from the campaign and reduce the CPC remarkably. Client got huge number of sales from the campaign.

Life Lead Direct

Description & Results: We started working for Life Leads Direct in September, Started with Adwords Campaign Setup & Optimization. Initial Target was to lower down cost/conversion as much as possible. Target was achieved in just 1 week of campaign go live, we reduced the cost/conversion 300-400%. Now working on LinkedIn and Bing (MSN AdCenter) Campaigns for Life Leads Direct.

Liquid Raspberry Ketones

Description & Results: We are working on PPC Campaigns (Adwords) setup and management for many different products of this website from last 10 months. We are also managing SEO Campaigns for them. Complete 360 Degree Internet Marketing Activities are being done on daily basis for this project. Right now the cost per conversion is around $2.58.

Car For Today

Description & Results: We worked on Adwords Campaign Designing of Car For Today with 200+ unique ad-copies in different ad-group. Target was to write 200+ unique ad-copies and use those ad-copies for A/B Split Testing, We came up with unique ad-copies and got good results with those copies. Right now we are getting around 33 conversions per day with $4.5 as our cost per conversion.

Amino Z

Description & Results: We Designed and Managed more than 15 PPC Campaigns for this E-Commerce Store. Worked on Campaign Optimization of each product and got Results plus Sales from the website. Right now the conversion rate is around 16%.

Best Registry Cleaners Reviewed

Description & Results: Optimisation related changes were applied to this website to increase it’s visitor-to-sales ratio. (sales conversion rate) This was carried out by multi-variant tests which were carried.
Sales of registry cleaner software was increased to an average of 67 sales per day (generating around $2731 per day in revenue) by buying PPC traffic from the Google Search Network, Google Display Network, and 4 other self-serve PPC traffic networks.
This included setting up all the campaigns from scratch, split-testing ad copy, day-parting optimisation, keyword optimisation, URL optimisation.
Sales acquisition costs (CPA) were reduced by 29% over a period of just 5 weeks, whilst all the traffic sources’ performance was optimised.

Web Creative Results

Description & Results: We worked on Designing and Management of many PPC & Bing Campaigns for Creative Web Results. The conversion rate for Bing is around 14% and for Google its around 19%.

Inmate Call Savings

Description & Results: We Designed Adwords and Bing Campaigns for Inmate Call Savings and optimized the campaign for Conversions. Goal was to reduce the Cost/Conversions, Improve the ad-position and lower down the Cost/Click. We achieved the results successfully and lower down the cost/conversion by designing Highly Targeted Campaigns with best keywords and high CTR ad-copies. The current cost per conversion is around $3.69 and the conversion rate is around 12%.