Pay Per Click Campaigns FAQs

1.What does PPC Advertising means?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, is an advertising method commonly used in websites and search engines over the internet. Here, advertisers are charged for every click that their advertisement gets. This is developed in order to bring more traffic to advertisers’ websites cost-effectively.

2. How is Pay Per Click different from Organic Search Engine Optimization?

Pay Per Click advertisements are being paid and they are positioned on the side, bottom or right portion of a Search Engine Results page. On the other hand, Organic Search Engine Optimization listings are natural and non-paid ads which are positioned in websites through link building and site contents.

3. What are the major Pay Per Click Engines that you use?

a. Microsoft AdCenter
b. Google Adwords

4. Do I have to be Number One to earn more?

Being on top or number one is not really an assurance that you will earn more, sometimes it only shows popularity which only brings in window shoppers. In order to effectively measure the results of your advertisements you should be able to determine the best positions that bring you more clicks. Positions numbers three and four are most often suitable to online campaigns.

5. Can we measure the results of our PPC advertisements?

Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter both have a conversion tracker that enables users to determine the results of their advertisements. These engines also provide a wide range of reporting features. On the other hand, E – Power Marketing recommends the use of a 3rd party recording software for monitoring and measurement purposes.

6. What’s the proper method in keyword search and usage?

For all PPC Advertisements and programs it is very important to find the right keyword to be used so that your ads will be searchable. You may use Google AdWords Keyword Tool in order to find the perfect keyword for your projects. You may also use industry trends, competitive analysis and Website analytics in order to determine what is the best keyword that you should use.

7. What does Landing Page mean?

A Landing Pageis a customized web page that is specifically designed to serve as the user destination after your Pay Per Click Ad has been clicked.

8. Is having a Landing Page necessary?

Definitely, Yes! Your landing page will be the one that will bring in more money to your website because it is the one’s responsible in continuing the job that your PPC ad has left off. This landing page will help you introduce and explain the services and products that you are offering, this is where your website visitors are turned into customers.

9. What does Google Display Network means?

Google Display Network is a network composed of thousands of websites ranging from small websites to large ones, like New York Times. This network only exists in order to display advertisements made through Google AdWords. It is developed for Google ad-sharing revenue collection purposes.

10. Explain Remarketing.

Remarketing or retargeting, for others, is an advertising method that enables you to reach individuals who have once visited your Website. This is done by showing your previous visitors some relevant advertisements when they are browsing through other websites that are members of the Google Display Network.

This method will help you improve the Return of Investment of your PPC advertisement by tracking your lost visitors and eventually turn them into new customers.

11. Is it possible to set a certain budget for a PPC ad?

Yes, it is possible. Both Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter allow their clients to set budgets on a daily basis. They also allow their clients to set budget limits at the account level as well as the campaign level. The happy part is that there is NO minimum budget required for both major engines.

12. What does Google Quality Score means?

Google Quality Score is the measurement method being used in order determine the relevance and quality of your Pay Per Click advertisements, landing page and keywords. This is being calculated whenever an ad enters the auction.

When calculating for the Quality Score, the account history, clickthrough rate, ad and keyword relevance as well as the quality of the landing page are being considered.

To boost your Quality Score, it is advised that you optimize the relevance of your PPC advertisements or programs. This will, in turn, enable you to achieve a higher position for your ad without spending too much.

13. What is the minimum payment for Pay Per Click ads?

Microsoft AdCenter = $0.05 per click
Google AdWord’s minimum bid is $0.01 per click

14. What should I do in order to achieve better PPC Advertisement results?

We cannot really pinpoint a method or an approach that would surely improve the results coming from your PPC advertisement, but you could ask yourself the following questions and if you answer is all yes, then you can say that you are on the right track.

  • Have I targeted the right key phrases?
  • Have I targeted the right regions?
  • Are my ad copies compelling enough?
  • Is my landing page well-designed?

15. Will I benefit from outside PPC optimization and management services?

PPC optimization and management firms are here to help you achieve a higher Return of Investment (ROI). They are ready to help anyone who is not very familiar with how Pay Per Click Advertisements or programs are being done. These firms will assist you in bringing in more quality traffic to your website using your PPC advertisements or programs. They may also give you a free analysis of your PPC advertisement.