Pay Per Click Campaign Management

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is  among the basic methods of advertising a website along with Internet Marketing. Not all are familiar regarding this campaign and not everyone thinks that PPC plays an important role in marketing a business. Thus, Webygeeks aims to make companies and organizations learn the importance of Pay-Per-Click campaigns to the improvement of their sales or revenue.

We here at Webygeeks we are ready to become your partner in doing your PPC campaign/s. Our team has established an effective plan in order to make a Pay-Per-Click campaign work best for you and your company. How we do it?

  • We use appropriate keywords. Our team uses the best tools for keyword analysis. We analyze and identify keywords that will attract a larger number of enquiries as well as enable you to reach more internet users. We will also bid for keywords that are likely to give you a very good Return on Investment or ROI.
  • We optimize your landing page. We make sure that your landing page is also covered in the ad’s copy.
  • We do Ad copy testing. Our expert writers provide professional and creative ad and banner production services that will surely entice viewers. We will use fresh ideas as well as different wordings or contents in to identify which one will catch people’s eyes.
  • We provide an ROI rate report. We make sure that all campaign reports are documented properly and shared with our clients – that’s you. ROI is regularly monitored and the campaign is tweaked according to the report. Every client will be able to view the performance data as well as click through rate, traffic reports and ROI.

Identifying your goal or knowing what your goal is, is the very first thing that our team will do before anything else. Your answers to the following questions will greatly help us develop the right program for you. What do you need us to do for your site? Do you want to increase your conversion rates? Do you want to generate more income Or earn more clicks?

Right after the identification of your goal/s, we will then start doing the appropriate actions needed for your website. So, if you’re ready and eager to make changes for your business, contact us today. Webygeeks would love to hear from you!

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