Mobile Website Design Packages

If your business is new, a mobile web design is a must and as a beginner there are many essential things that are needed to be done and because of that you need to spend time, effort and more money. Webygeeks is aware of this concern which is why we have decided to offer great deals to you – our clients – like our comprehensive packages. These packages will make the work easier and get results faster as well as of course, save you more money.

Mobile Web
Design Packages
  • No. of Static Pages
  • Total Cost
  • 5
  • $250
  • 10
  • $450
  • 20
  • $650
  • Cross Mobile Compatibility
  • Website Maintenance
  • Photo Gallery Installation
  • Contact Form
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Time Line
  • 1 Month Free
  • 0
  • 6 Days
  • 1 Month Free
  • 1
  • 10 Days
  • 1 Month Free
  • 1
  • 12 Days
  • Total Cost
  • $250
  • $450
  • $650


Q: Why do I need mobile web design for my business?

A: Because there are millions of people who browse through the Internet using their smartphones. For example, the popular iPhone alone have around 1 million users across the world. The bottom line is out of these hundreds of thousands of users you can perhaps get a large number of people that you can acquire and keep as new clients. Our mobile web design service comes in affordable packages; from $150 to $350 only.

Q: What happens next after my website has been made compatible with mobile phones?

A: Your website is now responsive to any kind of window when opened. Search engine users can click on it, browse through the website and watch your corporate videos while on their handheld devices. Thus, your customers and page visitors no longer need to be in front of their laptops or desktops just to visit your website, giving them the ultimate online browsing experience.

Q: Do you also charge extra dollars for my additional pages?

A: Yes, we do charge extra for additional pages. We recommend giving us a call to discuss this concern.

Q: I have my original website designed by another designer, would you provide web maintenance for my mobile website?

A: Yes, we actually offer one month free website maintenance. All we need to do is to make it compatible to load on mobile phones and tablet PCs. We can also install a photo gallery and Google analytics on it.

Q: Why choose mobile packages from Webygeeks?

A: Webygeeks offers 24-hour assistance. We also offer our packages in less expensive rates and we deliver quality work. We are helpful individuals who aim for your success. So why Webygeeks? Because we are the only Company that will help you as well as understand you just the way you wanted to be understood.

Q: Where and when we can contact you?

A: You can email us at or contact us at USA: 1-866-763-4678, India:+91-9179614979. If you have any questions we are always available answer your questions, so you can email or contact us any moment.