Local SEO FAQs

1. In your citation building service, which business directories are included?

The business directories that we include in our citation building services will definitely depend on the country, state and city where your business is located as well as the industry at which you’re competing. We will also review your previous local citations before we start working on your project.

2. What will happen if I have been listed in other websites?

This is not a problem because we will conduct a thorough research before we start working on your project; we do this in order to avoid any duplication. In our research we will also include all your pre-existing local citations and we will send you a report of the research that we’ve done.

3. How will you be able to see as to what directories I am listed?

We, at Webygeeks, we use the best local SEO tools available, which include Whitespark, GetListed.org, SweetIQ, BrightLocal and many more. Since these tools send in automated information, of which we know are not that accurate, we always make sure that we do double checks and manual verifications.

4. What do you take into consideration when you do a decision regarding what local business directory will you enlist me?

Our team takes into consideration several factors in determining the best website that would match your business. Among these factors, are: the number of your competitors listed on a particular business directory, the importance of a directory to your location or niche, the authorization of the directory and the regulation of the directory in allowing do- follow links to your website, among others.

Be assured that we do the best decision in terms of choosing the right local business directories that specifically cater to your business’ needs.

5. Does business listing updates as well as claims included in my job order?

Definitely, Yes! We locate all of your listings in any local business directory during the research process, thus when we see that your listings have not been claimed or they are incomplete or have incorrect or outdate information, we will automatically fix them as a part of our citation building service.

6. How much time will the overall process take?

Once we receive the receipt of your payment, we will submit your business information in the directories and we will send you a report within 15 days or less (we will do our best to lower the waiting time to 5 business days). However, there are some directories (like, Yahoo! Local and MapQuest) that follow a certain review process which sometimes take up to 40 days for every submission. On the other hand, most of the listings will automatically give the information, or within two to three days waiting time. In our report we will be indicating those that are not live as under “Review”.

7. How much time do I need before I see an improvement in my local search rankings?

Since citation building is one of the techniques used in local SEO, the improvement of your rankings will highly depend on your other assets, which include the strength of your website.

In case you want to focus on increasing your local search ranking and website traffic, please take a look at our Local SEO Services.

8. How are listings being claimed by you?

Listings most of the time require simple email verifications, while some require postcard or phone verifications. Since these the verifications will be sent to your business mail box or phone, we will then arrange a schedule for us to sit down and do all the necessary verifications. This process most of the time takes only less than 15 minutes.

9. What will I see in the final report that you will be sending me?

The final report that Webygeeks will be sending you will contain the detailed information of the sites where your business information have been submitted, the log in details, live listing links and additional comments to specify the job the has been done. Here is an example of our report, feel free to download it.

If you want to enjoy all these services, please don’t hesitate to send us an email through our inquire form below or your may call us anytime at this number 1-866-763-4678 for a free preliminary consultation regarding the local citation building service that your business needs.