Email Marketing Service

Today, one of the common methods of communication is through e-mail writing.  Almost everyone today have their own email addresses and we can use that to get in touch with them.

E-mail marketing is an effective yet inexpensive way of direct marketing, which can be done by sending our audience direct, promotional mails. The e-mail may contain information about the products as well as advertisements and many more.

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Why choose e-mail marketing?

  • E-mail marketing is very common nowadays and almost everyone have it. Research shows that there are 1.4 billion users worldwide and 91% of them are adults.
  • It is easy and affordable. There’s no need to spend money for printing, the ROI may reach $43 for every $1 investment. The retention rate is 37%.
  • It is also measurable because you can send e-mails to anyone anywhere.

What does Webygeeks offers?

  1. We have the right tools for your business. These tools are automated. We can allow you to send thousands of e-mails with just a few clicks and you can set a schedule for campaigns in advance. With the help of these tools you can also set the time wherein the mails need to be sent, after you set up the time, then Webygeeks will do the rest.
  2. Our team is professional. We have expert content writers and technical leads who will listen and understand you and your needs. After that, they will plan, conceptualize and create your e-mailer with design.
  3. We have beautiful and different templates for you to choose from. Your e-mail marketing strategy must showcase your brand, company and products to enable us to choose a very good design appropriate for your business.
  4. We always track all of the SEO services that we’ve done so that we can allow our clients to see, check and monitor the results. Webygeeks has a team of professionals who provide only the best services. Here, we believe that your success is our success. Feel free to check our services and packages if you need more information.